Now that melee weapons have the + stamina working...what the hell does it do?

Anyone have ANY idea on what the hell this even means? I don’t know why the devs think being vague beyond stupidity is a good thing to do.

It’s self-explanatory: +stamina stat on a weapon means you have more stamina to use with that weapon.
“vague beyond stupidity” is a poor statement.

Here’s an example with an Atrox axe and a chainaxe.

The Atrox has a +1 stamina bonus.
The chainaxe has a +4 stamina bonus.

The Atrox is faster (more hits per minute) and makes you much more mobile (dodge) - but has poor defensive capabilities (block, push/push-attack).
The chainaxe hits harder but is slower (less hits per minute) and has an overall better defensive potential.

It really changes the playstyle for both.
That’s something I really like and I think it’s a clever and fun mechanic (+it adds character to the weapons).