(not so)Simple receipt for having fun

I don’t get it, why you R E J E C T S are still whining about not having enough fun. It is so easy to have a nice time in Darktide, as long as you follow those few ultra simple rules:

  • have at least 800 hours of experience in tide games, and over 1500 hours in other FPSlashers and FPShooters games
  • play Darktide for at least 600 hours, of which half or more, just on auric board
  • have beefy PC, that even being way above recommended specs, can't get stable 120fps on low settings
  • download at least 50 different QoL mods (huzah for Spidey Sense)
  • abuse refund glitch to farm dozens if not hundreds of weapons
  • have friends to play with, more then 1 or 2, to have healthy rotation
  • have friends that are superb and can teach/mentor you to be actually good at the game
  • use heavily specific mod to buy stuff from browser (RIP )
  • love wh40k so much, that starvation for good games keeps you in DT
  • have saint's patience for Hadron and her "upgrades"
  • develop high tolerance to metric ton of bugs in the game
  • accept you will never get perfect gear, even at the very end of the endgame

As you can see, pleasurable gameplay is easily within your reach, it’s trivial even. We can not blame Fatshark, for YOUR laziness, in lack of honest effort.
So stop your pointless “feedbacks” and “game bad” posts, and get to it!


My friend, and I duo aurics just fine.

He’s what you would call a factorio main. Even if he’s not playing factorio his job involves automating things, and then he plays other games where he gets to automate things.

Point is he has basically zero FPS experience and is playing on the hardest difficulty with additional added penalties in the form of 2 bots as teammates instead of actual players.

He’s also well under 600 hours.

Dunno about NEEDING really good friends to get into this. How did they (the “superb” player friend) get good at the game in the first place? They sure as hell didn’t just go in and were instantly good at the game.

Don’t really disagree with what I think you are trying to get at other than this. The PC specs are a bit much, and I had to get the AI frame gen to maintain good FPS which makes your UI all glitchy looking.

The QoL mods are semi-mandatory, and the crafting sucks basically no one disagrees with you on that.

Bugs. Yep. Tons, and tons of bugs.

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i have fun and played roughly 900 hours with a big break after 500 from release on, returned in December 23 and still playing but much less than in Dec/ Jan.

like said above 800-900hrs in DT only, I didnt like L4D’s and i also disliked VT games.

No, i played Heresy and now Damnation only, Auric is too hard for me or for premade what i dont do.

I have a 5years old PC and barely 30frames, often i die from Horde chip damage and lag. Full Tough and HP and suddenly dead from 2 Bruisers in my back.

tried some and disabled them all, i like Sound Cues and mine are mostly working and i die to Pox Bursters because of other problems, lag, skill, no stamina etc.
I hate that Mod it’s to a degree immersionbreaking, because playing with Soundcues is something i like very much in games in general.

i dont even know that a glitch like this exists and wouldn’t use it.

i dont have - i’m happy playing QP public games

never did - who did fall for this is maybe a little bit obsessed with gaming in general
just an assumption

Atmoshere and setting are crucial to me. Another is controlls and general gameplay.
DT has good setting and atmo and excellent gameplay. Beside that a very bad RNG based crafting System and shallow monetization and “life services”.
If you can get over it, the gameplay itself is good and fun.

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the list of gamebreaking bugs i have is zero

accepted and not needed to have fun

Agree, but passive agressiveness as a reaction of beeing disappointed wont help i’d guess.

Maybe it’s someones eagerness, a lack of patience and serenity and not met expectations that prevents others from having fun?!?

I’m sorry, but you are not allowed to have fun on anything lower then auric with next to perfect gear.

On more serious tone. I’m quite found of playing DT, of course, but yet, man can’t stop thinking about, how game could be so much more. Seeing wasting such potential, is arguably worse then never experiencing halfmeasure that it is now.
You can think about this post as a venting, there is enough od valuable feedback around this forum, to last for years.


Refund glitch? ayyyooo??

Old stuff. There was a time, when you could get about 90% of dockets, plastal and diamantine back.

notably, during this time, crafting ‘felt’ much easier - sure you were still spinning the wheel, but it was less burdensome.

Or at least that’s what I was told. I was in a Darktide slump and never participated during the period between it being widespread and it being patched out.

For those who may not realize, I’m pretty sure OP is just being facetious.

I did not realize that this explanation was even necessary.
Is it even possible not to understand sarcasm at this level? I mean, come on, the winky smiley is practically shot right in your face with a rocket launcher… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


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