A result of barebones game systems, RNG and lack of player freedom/choice

We all players who often spent 1k+ hours easily in V1 and V2. We are getting to the point where all our Darktide characters are level 30. We like a challenge, and occasionally more relaxed game experience.

You are experienced game designers, with multiple Tide games under your belt. Please explain to us the impact of the the bare-bones game systems (such as the map / game mode selection) are having our our game experience. A helpful screenshot provided below. I see 2 out of 10 missions I MIGHT be interested in, depending on my weeklies and what map I just played.

  • This is a rhetorical question, and no I don’t expect a response.

Recommend watching it: What Went Wrong with Gaming? - YouTube

In short: why put effort if you can just sell, get profit, let remaining sheeps stick to RNG gotcha system to get addicted to lottery ticket to milk them for skins (dopamine shot after countless RNG gotcha dissapointments) and then go work on next game. Why try? Sheeps still buy skins or log in for store refresh.

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Another day, another example of why Fatshark doesn’t respect players’ time. I have been looking for Heresy+ missions with scriptures. Nope.

Where is that choice of the game difficulty, maps, Secondary Objectives and special conditions? Where is that player freedom Fatshark claimed they UNDERSTOOD players want.