Not explaining skills or effects is very annoying and a waste of time for the player

In the discord, reddit comments, pretty much everywhere, people are having to ask what things are. “What’s a wound?” “What is soulburn?” “What does assassin damage type do” etc

It’s wild to me that none of this is explained somewhere. In the Discord, a dev (or someone in blue anyway) said to go to the meatgrinder to check it out. To me that’s not acceptable, why should I have to go to the training and sit there and try to figure out what an effect does instead of having it explained. That just wastes my time and is very irritating that I have to do.


Well I kinda agree with you on that. Having the meatgrinder is fine and it is really not a bad feature. But when I see an item in the store with a skill or bonus and I dont know what it does this could lead to me wasting my money on an item i dont really want to use. so i have to buy it and then test and decide if i like it or not? doesnt seem fair.

I think the meatgrinder is a very important feature and definitely a huge step up from the dummies in VT2.

But, yeah. There needs to be descriptions for what anything is because nothing is explained which is absurd. The test area is not a replacement for that