The reason the game lacks so much info

I’ve been naive to believe the devs just “forgot” to give so much vital information and numbers about all skills/talents/stats, but the answer is quite obvious: many things are simply not working and/or not working as intended. Just one example among many: the Ironbreaker 25 “boss taunt” upgrade for the skill. Yes, there is a icon and a talent name you can click so you feel you’ve earned it and is active. But then you play and absolutely nothing happens (unless you’re the host, which brings another collection of issues to discussion).

There are many talents and stuff that exhist only on icon and description, in order to create this false notion of depth, while players are working their ass out and losing their time testing things in the middle of the missions (since the dummy is _also _broken).

And that’s the big problem: Fatshark is letting players waste much time and patience to test stuff that they know that isn’t working while hiding behind this “oh, right, we just forgot to add all this vital information” wall of deception.

I dont think they ever said they forgot to add information. They just dont address the issue at all apart from saying ‘you can check on the dummies’.

In fact Id be fine if they went full action game - no numbers at all, just some descriptions. But they didnt. Instead they have this mind boggling clusterf***. There’s a little bit of info thats precise and correct and the rest… well, some is too vague to mean anything, some is inaccurate, some is flat out wrong, some info contradicts other info, some info uses completely different units of measurement than other info and what remains, about half of the total is missing completely. Just leaves you scratching your head most of the time.

You’re right, my mistake: they don’t even bother to address the issue with any apology at all. I have tickets waiting for answers for weeks. Heck, submiting a support ticket is already a daunting task due their over buried tool. Don’t get me wrong, i still manage to get some good fun in this game. But the amount of issues that we have to put up with is making more and more likely for me to just quit it.

I could even manage to wait for all the fixes if they just were upfront to tell us everything that is broken, so we wouldn’t to go through so much frustration and time wasting just to test it all.