The lack of any tooltips or proper descriptions is unacceptable

There is no excuse for the lack of tooltips in the current stage of the game. When looking at penances everything has a special name to it but no way to know what they’re actually referring to. What’s the difference between a monstrosity, a terror, elite, or specialist? There’s no way to know other than guessing, or accidentally completing the penance. Weapons have pointless icons that don’t mean anything, a rating that doesn’t mean anything, and of course yellow bars that don’t mean anything. What’s the difference between an explosion icon and an explosion icon with a sword in front of it? What’s the difference between a blade icon and one with lines coming out of it? The game just expects you to know what a lightning bolt and a fist are supposed to mean for your weapon as if you were a dev. And that’s not even considering all the weapon modifiers. What does damage to infested enemies mean? They’re all infested! Or what about the difference between 10% damage and 10%increased melee damage if they’re both on axes? This game wants to be an rpg but there’s no way to understand what any of the stats, modifiers, or icons means. It’s conveying information that is indecipherable, and this is unacceptable.


I know FS has officially mentioned they’re working on implementing more info for the items/gear.
Here’s an example of that futuristic technology called tooltips:

Hopefully we’ll get some degree of data, glossary, and more daring numerical values.
However complex systems might be in DT, some information is definitely useful and non-traumatizing.
Destiny 2 might be proof that it can work. Even with controllers and an interface readable on different monitors/TVs.