Not allowed to kick during the end of game

So we are doing champion runs. At the very end of the level, and my friend gets sucked into a stack of candles. Can’t move, can’t jump, can’t do anything. So to fix it, he left, so the bot would teleport to us, as he had the grimoire, and we needed him to get a full run. Before he could rejoin, a level NINE Bardin joined, but we couldn’t kick him because it was the end of the game. So we very politely asked him to leave so our friend could rejoin, and explained the situation. He jumped off a ledge seven times, and proceeded to shoot us with all of his ammo, then run around the wrong way until he died and lost the grim.

TLDR; You should be able to kick someone at any point in the game.


Press tab and set the game from public to private.

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Yea that doesn’t work if you want a quick play bonus, which you need if you want top loot.

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Not necessarily. It’s up to rng after all. I’ve gotten emp vaults with only 1 grim or without quick play bonus and not gotten emp with all possible bonuses.

If someone has to leave, whether it’s because of a game bug or his computer/internet crashed, then you should put it on private so his spot isn’t taken by someone else… Your main matter of concern is completing the map with your group, not getting the quick play bonus.

What happens when you don’t put it on private is that you instead get matched with some random player that you then proceed to either kick or ask to leave, how do you think he feels when he finally joins a game and immediately gets kicked or get told to leave because it’s right at the end of the game and you can’t kick?

Honestly I have no sympathy for you and your friends, that level 9 Bardin was a douchebag for shooting you with all his ammo and then killing himself to destroy the grim but you deserved it. You could’ve EASILY avoided the whole situation by just putting the game on private.

Also, why did you emphasize that he was level 9? With full 300 power gear you can beat legend with a full group of level 1s so levels doesn’t really matter. A good player on level 1 will do more damage, get more kills and have less damage taken and generally do better for the team than a bad player on level 30.

No my main concern is getting loot for everyone and not getting trolled because of bugs. Getting the best possible rolls for everyone. Stop being a roleplayer. Putting the game on private deprives you of a 50% chest upgrade. Quick play is in place to avoid repeatedly farming a single, easy map. I don’t care about that random. I don’t care about how he feels. I care about how me and my three friends got screwed. Make a private quick play, make the mission completed a full bar and remove the quickplay. Fix the glitches that trap people. Make the kick option work. Don’t you come over here on your high horse saying we deserved to get screwed over because the game bugged out. It’s toxic people like you that make this community trash.

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What if you unprivate after friend rejoins

you can do it ingame

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