Not a Roadmap, just a general direction - Question for Fat Shark

Let me open by saying that nowadays I don’t have much time for gaming. But, the little time I do have, I spend all on Vermintide. That’s how much I love this game and what it means to me. I’m sure I’m not alone, there’s a lot of other players who were also here from the beginning and who truly love Vermintide.
This game is now more than just a game for me, it became a hobby of some sort, it became a living thing. It has a lot to do with the fact that Warhammer universe has a big and important part in my life.
That being said, I think that this is the only game at the moment that I really care about and I’m more than interested of its future.

Now, I know that you’ve already stated that you learned the hard way not to promise anything any more and not to publish any more road maps. I understand that, and I’m not asking for any details or any road maps. I simply ask for a few keypoints of your focus. You stated that Vermintide project is something that you plan to work on for next 5-10 years. You probably have at least a 2 year or 5 year plan drafted up by now. Again, I’m not asking for the details of that plan, just a few key points, for instance something like:

  • Focus on tweaking the careers within next 6 months

  • One and/or maybe 2 DLCs within next 9 months

  • Not planning any new characters/careers for the year of 2019 ///// OR Possible plans for a new character/career in the late 2019 early 2020.

  • We will make VT3 at some point between 2020 and 2021 which will introduce a new faction in it //// OR We won’t make VT3, we will expand VT2 and make episodic big updates which will introduce new factions.

You get the picture, no hard promises, just some tentative key points. I think that I’m not the only one who would appreciate something like that :slight_smile:

As a conclusion, I think that you’ve done a fantastic job so far, It’s fair enough to say that besides CDPR you are my favorite game developers :+1:


Completely agree. General direction for the game would be nice.

Dedicated servers have yet to be implemented. I am not going to call the devs liars or anything, but I would like to know why they are delayed and whether they will be added in the near future or could take months or years.


Back in the good old days, there was talk of some kind of weekly/fortnightly update from the devs. As with many things during a project’s lifecycle, it seems to have been put on the backburner while focussing on bug fixing and content creation. Still think this would be a great idea and keep the dedicated players excited about future patches/DLC.


I’d love to see something like this, too. Even just a few thoughts. There’s a fair few very dedicated fans, and you guys often play your cards very close to the chest . . . I can get why, after the road map - but you don’t really need to give us a time table, just an idea of what kind of new content is going through your minds!


Any kind of remote hint that something might possibly happen in the future has historically caused such a monumental tidal-wave of community rage-fuelled diatribe (and it got so bad @Fatshark_Hedge had to forward some Personal Messages to relevant authorities to deal with) that even giving teasers or tiny spoiler hints might be enough to send some of the community into another bile infested mindless rage of angst.

After the mushroom cloud of BS that happened after the Bogenhafen DLC didn’t have any new armours - a “fact” that was extrapolated by the community from tiny hints and remote possibilities - you are unlikely to even see a minuscule glimpse of what might happen possibly maybe in the future. Well done Reddit community for that.


At least the format’s good… :wink:

Yeah, it was so awful on Reddit that I took a break from it around the same time Hedge did. And I was only a bystander to it. :S I think a lot of the older players still haven’t come back.

This game has a really dedicated fanbase . . . for good and bad.


Maybe something like Paradox does, a dev diary. I really liked to read them while i was still playing Stellaris (before smth happened, not here to talk about what happened to that game).
They gave some info on what they were working on, what they struggled with to implement, what they achieved during development and what else they might tackle in the future as they saw what their implementation of a mechanic changed for core mechanics. It was like knowing the future before it even happenend.

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Well yeah, the Dev blog that Fat Shark has been updating before Vermintide 2 release was a really great thing. The last Dev blog update was back in november.

That seems to be more for in-depth look at the things going on in the background, though, rather than “what we’re working on” thing. Before launch, there were things about changes from VT1 and lore; after that, there have been a few installments showcasing what goes into making some aspects of the game. So it’s not quite what we’re after here.

Some time ago Hedge did express his willingness to do a regular (fortnightly or monthly) update on what is going on, but unfortunately that, for one reason or another, didn’t pick up yet.

Personally, I highly doubt whether we even could get any info about DLCs or other content updates beyond the obvious “we are working on it, it’s out when it’s out”, but there are a few things I’d like to know too. My concerns are mainly about balance things: What is the next focus on balancing the game (Talents, Traits, Career balance…) and whether there is any order planned yet for the rest.

But gathering info from various places, I’ll guess we’ll get the next major content update around March 8th (the first anniversary of VT2) and that a lot of work is going towards that; and judging by this the next target for balancing might be Traits.

And I think VT3 (or another major project) will only start coming out when FS feels there’s nothing to be gained anymore from developing VT2 further, monetarily or otherwise.

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My guess is late 2020 or early 2021.

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