Noone can join match and then it says 'Broken connection' at the end

Noone can join match and then it says ‘Broken connection’ at the end.

I’ve been having this issue for ages, where noone can join for the entire match, I don’t even get the thing where someone starts to join and then it says they left. I just have noone join.

When the match is over, I get the ‘Broken connection’ message.

I have no indication of when this error is occuring, so I don’t know when my lobby is bugged, and the match will be a waste of time.

sounds like a version mismatch
had a similar problem, have you been playing on any non standard content between the latest two updates?

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I’ve been having this issue for ages too. I have no idea what causes it.

Hi @Kitten,

What is your upload speed? and do you have any issues if somebody else hosts?

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10 mb. And no.

I’m also using wi fi, so I’m not sure if that’s what causes it.

I’ll likely repost this report next time it happens so I can more definitely provide any sort of logs.

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