No more cancel button after host leaves

Ok, whoever had the brilliant idea that the Cancel button should be changed to an Accept button after the host leaves obviously doesn’t know how gamers think. I just love visiting 2 other player’s castles before finally ending up in mine. Players that join other games usually don’t want to host for one reason or another. This is the worst idea ever, please CHANGE IT BACK, or put both buttons there.


More like he him/herself never played his brilliant creation. It is extremely infuriating when a host leaves with a full party including you - if you’re unlucky and not chosen to be the next host, you\ll be loading into the Keep 3 more times before you can do anything else.

I was thinking: on the scoreboard screen, instead of the “Return to keep” button, maybe we could have a “Stay with party” and “Leave party” button?

That way, we don’t have to load the keep multiple times, ever.

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