No GPU utilization with horribly low FPS - SOLVED

Issue Description:
The game is not using my gpu which is a NVIDIA 3080. I also have an overclocked I9-10900K which I believe to be the issue but the integrated graphics are not used either. I am unsure at what the game is even running on since it has my CPU at ~10% usage and GPU at ~1%. My memory spikes in usage and that’s it.

I have verified the %appdata% launch file and it does have the right gpu selected. I also went into NVIDIA control panel and made sure Darktide runs specifically on the 3080. No response, game is unplayable and I understand the early beta concept, but in no circumstance does early beta mean “unplayable”.

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Steps to Reproduce:
I do not know. I have no idea how a game cannot select the graphics card I purchased. I purchase a game… that should work on the graphics card i purchased… with the computer I assembled myself… and purchased… this message is for the production team.

Mission Name (If Applicable):
I got into 2 missiosn and they both were unplayable. One gave me a headache due to the low frame rate and since I can’t leave without penalty i had to fight through. So I guess not applicable.


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Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
11/18/2022, 03:30 PM [EST]

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

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darktide_launcher.log (252.8 KB)

So the latest windows update made my card cap out usage at 30% power. No matter what. I am so sorry that I was annoyed at fatshark, it is not their fault. Please check your drivers… Nvidia and Windows are doing some stupid stuff in the background :frowning:

Note that using Task Manager isn’t a great tool to measure GPU utilization. Its usually inaccurate or outright wrong. YOu should use an in-game overlay like MSI Afterburner. Alternatively you can use HWMonitor which more accurately shows GPU utilization

Below is a screenshot of me running the Hitman3 Dubai benchmark. I’ve got 4 different tools running simultaneously

  • MSI Afterburner OSD in upper left
  • HWMonitor in lower left
  • GPU-Z in upper right
  • Task manager in middle

You’ll notice that MSI Afterburner, HWMonitor, and GPU-Z all report basically 100% GPU utilization. While Task Manager is reporting basically 0% GPU utilization. This is why using Task Manager to monitor GPU utilization isn’t generally a good idea as its notoriously inaccurate.

Dude… i have afterburner… 305 MGh. I’m not debating this, im a software eng. THIS GAME IS NOT ACCURATELY WORKING. I reinstalled now and ill retry. But fix the problem don’t give me garbage about accuracy. Its accurate enough, you can’t tell me 0% on gpu is normal like thats just no dawg. Where are the mods?

I do agree that there seems to be an issue here. The game isnt reporting the GPU\CPU usage properly in windows task manager. But in EVGA Precision for me in the lobby I do see 50-70% GPU utilization.

I’d turn off RTX and see if the game becomes playable.

I mean if you have afterburner then a screenshot of the game with the afterburner OSD running would be more useful with regards to what’s happening to the GPU. As I said, you cannot use Task Manager as a metric because it is notoriously unreliable.

I’m not saying you don’t have an issue. I’m just saying the tool you’re using to show that isn’t great and would lead to an incorrect conclusion “the game is not using the GPU” as opposed to the more likely conclusion “the GPU is being used but there appears to be a settings issue or some other issue going like a driver problem that would need vendor support”

again Task Manager is notorious for reporting GPU utilization incorrectly. As my above screenshot shows this would mean Hitman3 is ‘broken’ by that logic. Don’t rely on task manager, no one does. The only time I’ve ever seen it actually show anything useful is if your browser is set to use GPU acceleration.

Tools like EVGA Precision or MSI Afterburner will give you much better data from which to make useful conclusions. “Task manager is not reporting the GPU correctly” is functionally the default state of Task Manager.

I’m going to disagree here. Other games report properly to windows task manager. The default state is not it being broken. I’m no SWE or game dev but if its not reporting to windows task manager properly then its an issue with the game.

The fact of the matter is that this game is in its current state is poorly optimized.

Here’s the data if so need be. Cause I definitely want to be questioned instead of helped when i already paid $80 for a game i cant play. Thanks boss! For real tho this is bs.

Data Stack: HwInfo, Core Temps, CPU-Z, Afterburner, Process Explorer (advanced TM), and Task Manager ™.

  1. Character Selection

  2. In main lobby area

Sorry for bad quality above*

This is in game stats only so you can see it better. My main monitor is 1440p and my side is 1080 so its hard to screenshot and “prove” im in game.

So yall gonna tell me with 300mhz of power my 3080 is running at more than 10%… yeah ok dude. And the only reason it has spikes by the way is cause I was running all the ui’s for all the tracking software…

No matter the setting I will get 20 FPS. I have tried every thread, ever possible way, every config and steam launch command. Nothing. I am actually disappointed beyond belief, and have no way of debugging this issue on my end. This is abysmal and a pain for a programmer cause wtf least let me fix it :L

Yes yes poorly optimized. My $80 were not poorly optimized unfortunately and so that is what i call and unfair transaction and a scam :L I understand BETA. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND UNPLAYABLE.

Data stack is up. Also again, this isn’t due to settings. I have not only wasted money but time to try and debug this problem. I have literally tried every combination so far as to make my monitor 1920x1080 w 60 refresh rate to force the game and run it native 1080p w lowest settings. Still 0% gpu, still 20 frames, still unplayable.

I would really not be mad if I didn’t have to literally go work in 2h, then guess what weekend? What weekend? More work. So I’m paying for an early beta that I can’t play due to external issues.

So a bunch of questions here:

  1. Have you updated to latest nVidia drivers?
  2. Have you gone in to nVidia control panel and made sure your GPU is set to only use the 3080?
  3. Failing 2, have you disabled your integrated chipset?
  4. Have you looked at the other threads here noting issues with 3080 performance (such as my own)?
  5. Are you aware that the beta lasts longer than just this weekend?

If you’re a software engineer, I’d expect you’d be a little more understanding of technical issues prior to a true launch, especially on a project and title of this scale. :confused:

  1. Yes, yesterday

  2. Yes (answered initially)

  3. Yes

  4. Yes (answered initially & in responses). I have looked and spent enough time to actually kinda make me mad, and I’ve played 11 years of league so it takes a while to get me heated.

  5. Great. Are you aware that the value of my money goes down and this is unnaceptable practices. Third time i state that I understand beta, I don’t understand unplayable… like literally I can’t play and win a game 18fps as a sharpshooter is literally unplayable.

Bro they did vermintide just fine, i know for a matter of fact that optimization is a great process of the development cycle but cmon now… my GPU inst even under load dawg… I WOULD GET FIRED FOR THIS!!!

edit: changed numbered items to match original post. Also honestly, I’m more mad that the game worked better in closed beta… that’s what’s blowing my mind?? Like how did… you make it not work?

Ey lads… my mistake it seems that all my games are at 20 fps. The windows update + drivers are broken or something. Apparently NVIDIA current drivers have an issue. I will attempt to troubleshoot further. I thank you all for your time and sorry for being mad at FatShark.

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As I already explained in another topic, it helped for me to reinstall the Nvidia driver completely (with the checked option during the installation) instead of just updating it as usual. Now the game runs much better, although from my point of view still not optimal.

which windows update was causing the issues ?

My Rtx 3080 is working at 50%, and not heating. I am in desktop and i dont have integrated Gpu.
i did a fresh drivers installation, and with ddu too.

During your testing did have you seen any frames like these?

It’s really annoying, becouse my weapons are renderd in low poly, thus i can’t aim, becouse there is no red dot displayed if i have a weapon with holosights.