No clue whats going on

Enters quick match, insta victory and then a cut scene from olesya. No clue whats happenden or anything. apparently I progressed without actually doing anyting which is greatt (read the sarcasm) and then a a cut scene I barely saw the end of which again is great

The games story is so lackluster to begin with and now when there seems to be some progress in the story I have no chance of knowing what that is/was or what happend.

I must say it’s great that this is possible.

It’s like walking into the theather midway into a movie. You got no clue and the fun of the movie is removed. End the end all you want to do walk out and find another movie cause you have no clue.

Wait…what happend exactly? You joined a quick play game and the game was just ending when you joined?
I have trouble understanding.

I entered a qp game and was greeted with a victory screen instantly. I went to the kitchen and came back to the end of a cut scene where olysea was talking. No clue what happen.

This kind of thing sersly gives me brain aids.

apparently I completed dark omens. which I bought today. It’s so nice taking away the joy of satisfaction of completing it and seing the cut scene. thanks FS

I basically bought a completed dlc! that so much fun. jesus its fun. Can’t wait to buy more stuff where I can sit back and not have to lift a finger to complete and also miss out on cut scenes.

The only cutscene would be the introduction to the Weaves, which isn’t a huge deal, other than the fact you didn’t get to see it. Having trouble even finding a video of it. It’s nothing major, just some flibbledy flab about how there’s an inbalance of some sorts and you can now access the Weaves to set it straight.

Or, if it wasn’t the Weave introduction, it could have been this:


No that wasnt it. looked like it was something with the athanor thing. Olesya moved from inside the keep to the outside where that thing is. went out and she talked about some meteor. Again no clue

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Yeah, the Weaves/Athanor introduction. Sorry, but I can’t find a video of it.

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Well thanks for effort. I tried myself as well. Wasnt able to find it either.

Best part is there is no way to revert it or replay it. Can’t say im impressed by FS

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I dont want to be overly reductive here but can’t you just replay the mission and watch the video on youtube?

Sounds like you essentially just got loot for free. I personally wouldn’t complain in a similar scenario :slight_smile:.

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He missed the cutscene, and i don’t think it’s available on youtube. Players intrested in lore and cutscenes i can see why it would be annoying. Also it doesn’t play again, so repeating the mission doesn’t show it again.

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Yeah the issue is the cutscene as the mission is repeatable. As with most games cutscenes have at least some information within them to drive the story forward. Missing the cutscene leaves me with missing information on the story. Since I have no idea what happend in the cutscene it could be nothing or it could be something. This is highly annoying!

I wouldnt mind if FS could make the cutscene available again.

@Fatshark_Hedge @FatsharkJulia Maybe I could get a FS representative to look into this ?

The cut-scene contains little to no information, just a quick rundown on “the weave of magic is pissed and is splitting, which is not good, so gear up and head into weaves.” No need to be highly annoyed; little was missed!

It’s just a segway into playing weaves. Olesya even gives you the in-game prompts to walk around and touch stuff in the keep in order to get ready for them, so the experience of preparing for them is still there. You didn’t really miss anything :slight_smile:


Well, you run the risk of doing that with every map… that’s not FatShark’s fault, it’s yours. If you Quick-Played the normal missions and happened to join into a Lord mission right as the boss falls, you run the risk of completing the mission without getting to see the fight.

Not to say that you aren’t justified in being mad, just that I don’t believe we can point fingers at FatShark.

Appreciate you spending the time to fill in the gaps. Thanks!

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