Night mode maps

Is it me, or they all seem more colored, more vivid?

I found more evident into daylight missions like ‘righteous stand’, or ‘empire in flames’.

The simple fact is that shatfark just didn’t do a very bang-up job of designing the daytime levels. It’s not a nice thing to say but I legitimately believe that RS and EIF in particular have extremely bland and boring color patterns.

Righteous Stand is quite literally grey and white and grey and white and grey and white and grey and white. It is absolutely nothing to look at, and the vistas hardly salvage it.

EiF is all burned and smokey, which i can accept as intentional, but it doesn’t make for riveting imagery when the entire level is… just dark grey. There is no color contrast at any point.

The night maps don’t look better only because they make it look ‘dark’ or because of ‘grimdark atmosphere’. They introduce colors that naturally contrast well with the environments and give the levels a sense of richness they otherwise simply do not possess.

Of course, there’s also the fact that while designing the night maps, the devs seemed to have forgotten what Morrslieb is. Morrslieb is a tremendous cheat in visual design because it lets you have a night that’s green, which instantly gives the level flavor you otherwise need to work your ass of for. They forewent it for the few night levels we did get, and as a result we got very ordinary looking bluish nights that have little to offer in terms of interesting visuals. Just look at how much better Fort Brax is right now, the difference is night and day, and it was night to begin with. All they had to do was add Morrslieb and it’s suddenly a level that isn’t just da ba dee da ba daa and oh at least you get to look at rockets flying through the air.

Look at any other daytime level that does have a coherent, appealing color scheme and captivating landmarks, like AY, Halescourge or Festering, and their nighttime versions don’t look anywhere near as much of an improvement as RS and EIF do. They do look better and cooler, but much of that is the novelty of it. They have an appealing design by default, they aren’t just bright and white across the board.

My personal impression is that V1 visuals were more eye-candy than V2 ones.
Maybe because it has more nighttime missions.

Up to now, the new night mode seems to have turned off something into environmental lighting that was choking colors. The result is that we see them more vivid.

Naturally the daytime missions are the most affected.

Another option is that the nighttime switch process has included permenent map improvements too.

Up to now, here and there there are a bit-too-dark places, but IMHO the overall visual is quite better.

I kinda hope the effects stay after the event so when loading a map you have a maybe 25% chance to load the map with a full blooming Morrslieb up there. Just for the variety in the maps’ design.
Who knows…maybe with other events or DLCs there might come more visuals to the maps (snow, bright sunrays, heavy rain) and the variety grows step by step.

I guess I’d like it.

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