Nicked Gutter runner stash with the mutator?

Has anyone done this? It switches between comedy gold and instant wipes. Very funny but completely mental at the same time.

Anyone got this done?

Treasure Hunt on Twitch is great fun too with the mutator…


I will say, with utter honesty, that it has not ended well for me yet. Ever since @anon26183726 friggin’ convinced me to take it in the first place, I refuse to run Horn without taking it.

It’s my precious…


Yeah I’ve not done it yet, I always seem to end up at the bottom of an American Football Heap of Skaven.

I’m glad its encouraging you to join in on forcibly hone people’s skills at avoiding several gutters at once. Though I must admit, I’ve not been unlucky enough yet to get horn of magnus while running weekly mutator; it must be like a patrol on steroids.


Well, you also need to understand that I am not exactly competent, but it is still hilariously fun. Armor gets dumped onto the battlefield at random. Somebody provided covering fire and headshotted something and it was like you would get ambushed by armor & shields where once there was safe space.

There’s nothing quite like it. My team saw Horn get rolled and they all wailed into chat… “Torantolis is going to botch this on purpose! Torantolis should just lay off the stash! Torantolis is gonna waste our time!”

Damn right.

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