Gutter runner's secret stash in Horn of Magnus **SPOILERS**

Go ahead, find it and open it if you haven’t already… It will be fun, I promise you that :smiley:

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Why do I feel like I will regret doing this?

Why, despite the statement above, do I feel like nothing in the entire world could keep me from doing this?

Excellent! Thank you @Angerblaze for the suggestion… hold my bow, I want to go touch it.


Hey. Hey @Angerblaze. At first I thought, “Hey, wow, this is funny!”

Instant regret. Horror. Fear. Sienna tried to run. Kruber couldn’t reload fast enough. I ran out of arrows. The screaming through voice chat was audible from 3 city blocks away.

You have ruined me because I practically can’t resist taking it.

Darn you and your post! Curses!


Hahahaha, I laughed my ass out when I read this :rofl::rofl:

Tried this for the first time last night on legend… holy hell what a terrifyingly fun time! There was much screaming.

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If you hang out close together as a group right under that platform its not that bad.

Never had a serious issue with this, never had a game fail because of trying for the achievement. Just the obvious don’t start wandering around when the legion of assassins start running around. Quite silly to do that really. Just keep dodge stepping and stay within a foot of everyone else under the platform, pretty easy. Makes it harder for them to jump you.

They could have made this a bit harder by displacing the easy spot to take the assassin rush but its literally right there, so its easy.


We were lucky enough to have the horde horn sound right as we collected the stash, made it quite interesting :smiley:

My new favorite thing is triggering it in PUBs that haven’t seen it before


Lol last public game i purposefully engaged it during a horde lol. Just to make things fun. Didnt really have a problem with it… just freaked out some people who didnt expect it.

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