Next new things I want to see in DT

This is not about balance or bugs to be fixed. This is about new major updates that bring something new to the game.

The game has been great with the variety of missions, weapons, skill trees, and so on. The two things that I want to see the most are:

  • New class (the 5th class)
  • New game mode

When I say game mode I mean something like V2 Chaos Waste, which we have to play through more than one mission, upgrade random boons, and so on. It doesn’t have to be the same.

Thanks for the amazing game you’ve created, and I hope it continues to be even better.


Personally I’m debating if I want to see a 5th archetype or a 4th new tree for every existing class, although I’m sure a 4th tree would be a nightmare to balance.

I just want engineer Bardin’s crankgun or whatever it’s called, as a Hellgun/Hotshot Volkey gun on vet! I’LL DO ANYTHING FOR IT PLEASE!!!

Personally if we do get a new game mode and it’s still a pseudo roguelike type game, I would like more choice over what weapons you have access to over the course of a run. I didn’t enjoy not getting to use weapons I wanted to play with during a C Wastes run.

However I am a big VT2 noob and I didn’t fully understand all the Chaos Wastes mechanics so there is a chance I was just misunderstanding something there.

While I would not be against those 2 additions, honestly the things I want the most are just more maps and weapons.

Additionally while this might be considered balance, I think both buffing some of the under preforming weapons, and also either making or changing blessings that are a lot more interesting would be a fun way to provide more gameplay depth.


It cost a bit extra overall economy wise, but you could just play to keep upgrading your starter weapon and eliminate that RNG. The shrines that give you a random wep are basically just “cheaper wep upgrade but gamble on getting a wep you don’t like”
I think you could have the same idea going on in Darktide, with maybe some additional aspects to it that play around with the weapon stats, a la “your weapon gets maxed bars but gets transformed into a random weapon” and effects like that.


That’s my strat. Because you don’t get a refund/discount I only buy orange/red upgrades depending on the map and just by blessings and such otherwise and talent upgrades.


I want to get back into VT 2 at some point, especially as I’m doubling my storage, but I thought that wasn’t a viable way to play. I’m glad to know it is.

I don’t know if Chaos Wastes game modes had a tutorial but one of my friends who played VT 2 a lot more dragged me into a couple games of it without explaining much. On top of me not knowing a lot about Tide games in general.

I think that’s part of the reason I view Chaos Wastes in a negative light. Everything on paper seems great but I didn’t have an enjoyable time with it.

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I like it. Do I like it more than the regular mode? I think I like both equally for different reasons, it just depends how much time I have.

Chaos Wastes I treat more like a fun rogue lite with friends and expect more random things to happen and not get so attached.

The regular game modes I care a lot more about my build specificity and skill and higher difficulties and mastery.

I would say VT2 is for sure worth getting back into with the knowledge you have from Darktide… I probably have some deeds we could cheese to give you some chests faster to try and get more reds.


I haven’t touched v2 in months and I played a game yesterday . . man I did pretty bad. I kept holding shift to run for some reason.
Since I reached 500 hours, I only played Chaos Waste (now I’m about 2.9k) and I think it’s a lot more enjoyable if you know how it works. Normal mode is fun but what keeps me in CW is the boons, curses, and map conditions. You have to make individual and team choices and that is very fun to me. If you’re still new to v2, sticking with normal mode is prob more fun.


I worded myself poorly. I do not think Chaos Wastes is a bad game mode. It seems like a great way to vary up how you play the game and keep you on your toes.

However I personally had a negative experience with it, due to a couple of factors that was not the game’s fault.

That’s pretty crazy the time you got out of it. I’ll definitely give it another go at some point…after learning some of tbe better builds and the gameflow of VT 2 compared to Darktide.


Darktide could DEFINITELY use a Chaos Wastes mode and there’s plenty of cool ways that they could do it!


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