New weapon rarity

I would love to see in game a new rarity of weapons.

There would be 2 types:
BLESSED and CURSED weapons.

both would be:
extremly rare
red stats
unique skin/color
unique not reroll-able/gamebraking bonus

1 Unique bonus for whole party
+2% attack speed with hammers/+15% chance for a dice/+10%healing bonus from potions/+50%higher jump for dwarves(JK)/etc.

2 Unique bonuses ONLY for a player:
One positive and one negative bonus (+10%movement speed -20% max hp / +10%attack speed -5 stamina/etc.)

Drop rates could look like this:
Veteran 0,08%
Champion 0,25%
Legend 0,5%
Cataclysm 1%


It will be funnier if it was some game breaking perk instead of another set of traits.

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Well, instead of blessed/cursed weapons, how about FS adds a LEGENDARY rarity, that’ll only drop at legend difficulty or higher, but could also be crafted with 25 red dust and 1k scraps.

Legendaries would look awesome and have a second unique trait for that weapon, although apart from the cool skin and unique trait, they’d funtion just like normal reds.

The drop rates could be:
0.5% Legend
1% Cataclysm

Below is a few examples of what some of the legendary weapon specific traits could be.

Bardins 1H Hammer: Lightning Rune: The hammer automatically dishes out a medium damage AoE lightning attack every 5 hits (would be shown with counters in the hud), the lightning can hit up to 10 targets in a 25m radius. 8 second cooldown between chainligtnings (prevents spam via attack speed boosting)

Salty’s Reapeater Pistol: Explosive Crits: Critical Hits now explode and deal 33% of their total damage to enemies within a 2m radius of the original target. (might be OP, not sure though)

Krubers Executioner Sword: Head Chopper: Your exe sword deals 25% more headshot damage. (simple, but effective)

These are just a few examples of possible unique traits for legendaries.

Anyway it’s just an idea i had for a new weapon tier.


So, there are three weapon rarities that don’t get used after you gain anything better and two that’d be interchangeable if not for the annoyingly random crafting system, and now you want to add another. While some of the things you suggest could indeed be interesting, I think we don’t need any weapons that are more powerful. I also think that adding yet another item tier would bring unnecessary complexity to the game (and in all honesty, would have a high chance of obsoleting yet another tier of existing weapons and annoy some collectors).

Just yesterday, I already complained about Veteran items (weapons, mainly) not feeling any different from Exotics, and I think stuff like this could be useful as an optional Trait for Red weapons only. No need for new weapon tier or additional power - power with a cost, more skill-based approach on some options (and indeed, more minor but aura-like or downright group effects) as an option could bring Veteran items to their own and separate them from high-roll Oranges.


I have to agree with @Yzneftamz. FS urgently need to rework the existing crafting/gear systems and actually make existing gear more interesting before they even consider adding any new tiers.


We need new outfits before we get new weapons, just my opinion.


I really don’t want grinding another even rarer tier than reds. But I do think the reds should feel more unique. What I am saying is I’d like a unique illusion and otherwise not achievable trait combinations of the first game. Reds really don’t feel anything special in the second instalment like they did in the first.


I wish fatshark check divison’s and desitny’s exotic items.
Having unique power like their exotic items for new tier items will motivate players to play game.
Yes, it will be OP but i wish i can see weapons like thundering hammer

Sounds good to me , lets get this implemented.

We’ve got six months of balancing for the WoM changes to current weapons and traits. You’ve got more chance of getting headbutted by the Pope live on Television than getting anything new like this added.

A Taal-blessed blade will serve me well enough.

I don’t agree. We totally don’t need a more farming and more grinding game. Moreove this would seem a “farm to win”.

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