NEW Topic - CONTINUED discussion - Fatshark needs to LISTEN to customers

I would support your optimism if oranges weren’t RNG traps and had maxxed out stats like reds. As is you get punished for dropping difficulty.

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I guess that’s a fair point. But on the other hand, the effect of gear on Vermintide’s gameplay is vastly overestimated.

However, I agree that the itemisation in this game could be better though. Nobody likes the grind and RNG with regards to weapon power level and traits. If they’d make the Athanor work on normal gear as well I’d be sooooo happy.

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I’m a customer with 1800 hours. The game is too easy now. The knee jerk nerf to the pre order beta was too extreme. Vermintide is not a brainless left click spam game. You need to put some effort in.


Serious question:

Sock account? lol

Where you BEEN!? The game is EASIER?

Let me jump out on a limb here and say… uhh… no.

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Sock account because it’s an opinion you don’t agree with? I have plenty of posts around here.

I also play the game around 2 or 3 hours a day. Where you been? Put some effort in or play something that better fits your casual style.

You know champion still exists right…

Ok the sock account thing, even though it had ‘Serious Question:’ above it… wasnt serious lol

And of COURSE I dont agree. Neither would ANY of those I play with… but who cares? For you its easier… good for you lol

Oops I should explain myself…

I dont post much, and when I do unfortunately its to complain 95% of the time lol
Steam reports me as having more then 3600 hours in Vermintide 2 (tho NO V1 experience)
I own all the illusions and have all the collectables/cosmetics/frames with a few notable exeptions

^ Casual isnt the right word

My experience in the game dosent however, make my opinions carry any more weight than a player who considers V2 to be easier than pre 2.0 who has over 1800 hours himself

Unfortunately I play a lot of champion now. Simply put, when they UPPED the difficulty, legend pubs got worse lol


Some people will actually have a different experience or opinion. Just because they disagree they aren’t “sock accounts”.


Ah, the old “even though I was literally saying I was serious, I was just joking”. A classic.

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An old adage yes. As it applies here, although I hoped the lol would do it… I will be more careful in the future

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I disagree on your estimation on how much gear affects players. It’s not only a statistical increase, it’s a psychological one too.

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Legend pubs should get worse. The update just came out. Give it a few weeks before randoms can steam roll legend.


Maybe. I mean, maybe it will just take some getting used to, and the game will feel as it did before 2.0

^ I am not holding my breath, but I hope optimism wins out here, over my admittedly pessimistic expectations

Though we are getting off topic…

The subject can be summarized in a few questions:

Why didnt Fatshark listen to the beta testers and make necessary changes to 2.0 before deployment?
Why even AFTER it is deployed, is the reaction STILL a negative majority? (as mentioned earlier, I am not speaking for “most” - I am referring to a poll taken here on the forum)

I put it to you that those in the ‘I like the new changes’ category, or the ‘my developers can do no wrong’ category will not like those answers. Nothing wrong with either, but dont count me among you. I am not.

The problem here is, I dont know what the answers ARE!?

I wish I did

Any constructive input?

They explained their reason for the changes in community blogposts.

Fully interested…


In the announcements category of the forum.
(Sorry, short, am on mobile.)

Awesome! I will check the forums out for those posts!

Thanks @TmanDW

Cataclysm is great, did already all of the maps, it really is in decent spot now, when playing with meta weapons than perform good in this stagger umgak environment. It would just need properly tweaked and balanced events. (those are still mess)

Of course I am still strong proponent of removing the whole dumb stagger mechanic for reasons you’re pointing out. Just saying that Cataclysm is great.

Actually… beastmen are still overtuned but that is general issue not Cata specific.

Also the difficulty rise, it comes mainly from dodge changes imo and still overtuned beastmen, on top of that stagger problem. So when they finally wake up and remove this stagger nonsense… it will still be harder, because those other 2 factors. Actually 3rd thing is the events, which got buffed like crazy in some Legend maps also.


Ok, I read what looked like an inaugural speech lol. Its what I expect to hear from a publicly elected official who will say exactly what I wanna hear. I found no reasons, other than promises of listening to beta testers input, which is EXACTLY what DIDNT happen

I dont watch the news. I have no interest in propaganda, lies or misrepresentation of the truth

If you believe what you see on TV then it was a PLANE that took down those two buildings :wink:

^ same for here

I am looking for answers, not a press release

EDIT: Oh and I should have been more clear I guess. I am not looking for the reasons they made changes, I am looking for the reasons they have for not listening to beta testers/customer feedback

FINALLY someone that speaks ENGLISH!

Welcome aboard! lol

So you think the dodge changes also add to the difficulty? I noticed I was getting hit my slave rats MUCH more than I was used to for example, but I chalked that up to range/speed reasons. I still think they are the most dangerous enemy in the game when you get enough of em together. So dont tell me they found a middle ground between dodge not working at all (they track you even if you dodge) and what? It working TOO well?

I am not a fan ofhaving the ABILITY to dodge 100% of the time with relative safety. Dodge + attack and repeat. I think something should be done about that, but what was done? You know?

Of course, dodge window went down from 1500ms to 500ms, running attacks continue going after you if you dodge backwards, those are massive changes and increases in difficulty.

But to make myself clear, I think this is great. You still can dodge kinda everything even solo, if you are really really good and pay attention. It makes the game more skillbased.

And ye slave rats are pretty nasty right now.