New patrol; plague monks - new elite; censer bearer

As title suggests a plague monk patrol could be a fun and challenging addition to the game for higher difficulties.
I’m imagining a procession of monks led by a censer bearer chanting in a creepy voice. He would only ever appear at the head of these patrols swinging his 2 handed censer (flail) to spread the pestilent concotion inside it. This would obviously be his attack as well which could do damage over time on unblocked attacks or something like that.
Just musing but triggering a patrol of plague monks would certainly be a frenetic experience from a gameplay perspective :open_mouth:


Each patrol has a mix of multiple enemy types, so this patrol would need a little more than JUST plaguemonks and a single new enemy - but I quite like the idea of adding another patrol type.


Skaven patrol have only 1 type of enemy: Stormvermin (+ Stormvermin with Shield)

The other great clan could receive more of their inclusion, there were thread for requested new unit and Skaven Censer bearer was in it

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This actually kind of exists in a way. Just play a twitch game where one of the options is plague monks. Though having a plague monk “communion” or “pilgrimage” where one see’s them walking around and praying/chanting hymns would be amazing though…

And can I just say, out of all the enemies in VT2, I am completely terrified of plague monks - the only time I am not is when I am running “opportunist” as my trait on a weapon that already has high stagger - even then it’s not guaranteed that u might stagger them.

Plague monks are scary AF! - think it’s the eerie shriek they produce - but they are fun!

More pestilens units would be great - as much as I dislike Plague Monks and their janky animations, the game desperately needs more unique enemies to fight. Pestilens really makes sense, because Fester are a client clan to Pestilens.

Besides Censer Bearers, you could add a Plague Deacon, who would be visibly differentiated by their big book. As apprentice spellcasters, they could charge up and cast cone-shapped Pestilent Breaths at players. Give them some bells (Skaven love bells, after all!) and they’d even have an easily-distinguished sound. Have one or two at the head of a Pestilens Patrol, with some Censer Bearers and Plague Monks, and bingo, you’ve got the most terrifying sight in the game. =D

Plague Deacon/Priest could be a Monster type Boss: Warlord (Same size as a Lord but mechanic wise arrive in place of a Monster)

The other great clan don’t really fit the Patrol wibe but they should also be represented in the future

Sadly, Plague Monks won’t work as patrol. At least not alone.

Reason for this is their poor health and defense. Part of the threat of plague monks is that they are already in your vicinity the moment you notice them, forcing you into defense.

By design though patrols are noticeable long before and don’t even attack walking 5m past you. The result is that engagement lies within the player. Even on cataclysm a simple bomb and a bit of range would shred such a patrol. Bombs are already a problem for other patrols. Against a plague monks patrol they would be extra devastating. You can see similar for the sad beastman patrols.

As long as you don’t give plague monks a short time protection against bombs and range it won’t work. They are more dangerous mixed in hordes.


Those are two completely different enemy types though. They only LOOK similar.

Either you consider the Skaven patrol of being made out of 1 or 2 enemies, it remain the same number of different unit as the Pestilien patrol, if they do 2/3 Censer Bearer + X Plague Monk it would be btw the amount of unit that SkavenP and ChaosP have

Well yes, the proposal sounded like a single Censer Bearer at the front and the rest Plague Monks
There would need to be more of the former

We definitely need more Vermin in Vermintide.

Game is now 2/3 Chaos …

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