New patch updates - sparkling hope?

No one knows me, dont post here often (because I quit and moved onto other games to sink my money into).

I do love the game before the changes with WoM came out though as I was a solo player and grouping in PUGS was fun because i was capable of carrying some really crappy players and had good times and laughs because of it.

I stopped playing when dodge was a joke, beast men took 200 hits to kill, came out of nowhere, and just absolutely wrecked your whole squad because there is no sound queue or spread density to fight them off. However, I still check the forums from time to time to see if Fat Shark is getting their #$@% together.

Well guess what popped up on my discord?

2.0.15 Experimental Patch NOW LIVE
** Heroes,
Today we’ve put out patch 2.0.15 into an opt in experimental branch that we’d love for you to test!

This patch has a lot of promising changes, although for me as a player rushing back to this game to give it a +1 to player base more than likely won’t happen any time soon but with good changes comes the population.

@FatShark - I work as an engineering designer and when we fluff something up on a site project we are obligated to create a “lesson learning” file to list everything that went wrong and did not go our way. I’ve read enough here to realize the community manager who pretty much ignored my complaints and told me what a great company you were didn’t get very far with damage control by use of linguistic manipulation. I found their responses in just about every negative thread about the state of the game critiquing the players experience instead of listening to their frustration… I found it very patronizing (not going to lie)

I feel you guys could really benefit from keeping track of failures as to not repeat them again in the future, its a good way to hold people accountable for sudden, brash, and lack of foresighted decisions. If you ask me “what failures?” I’d probably roll over and die.

The changes in the patch notes were all requested by players in the beta (including myself) who time after time warned of the exact issues that plagued the beta only for no changes to be made, and rushed it live. That imo was a failure and lack of communication on your end. Listen to your consumers!

Here is to 2020 hoping for the revival of a once great game, now dead AF.

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nice, like how you shadowed this thread 3 hours after it was posted.

Patch notes coming from fatshark means nothing, since they rarely work either way.

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