New Operative Types Suggestions?

With the vast size of the Warhammer 40k universe and the nearly comparable size of the Imperium of Man, I can see a ton of possibilities for interesting new operative types and new ways to work with squad mates.

One idea that has stuck with me is adding “Arbites” to the game.
It would be pretty fun to have an Arbites operative with specialties for crowd control and holding defensive lines. Give them feats that boost shotguns and pistols. Maybe a riotshield with a cooldown that allows them to push and control the flow of hordes to allow teams a tactical approach to horde control. Maybe some kind of taser bomb that can freeze a large group of enemies in place for a few seconds. New Arbites cosmetics to make the best fanatical Judge Dredd you can?

What are some other Imperium operatives ideas that you’d like to see in the game?

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Ones that I have seen around here and there:

Tech adept/Skitarii - Still fits with the trust system because of how ingrained they are with the Cult Mechanicus, it’ll take time to trust any freshly stolen/recruited ‘reject Mechanicus’.

Sister Repentia/Flagellant - I can see the flavour differences but they are very similar to the Zealot Preacher.

Freeboota/Kroot/Eldar Reaver - It’s a bad idea (especially the freeboota) but some Inquisitors do make use of xenos mercenaries.


Votaan Kin/Squats


the main thing i hope for is that they won’t limit the selection based on the narrative that the playable characters are convicts.

i want to play all the awesome stuff 40k has to offer, and when we are limited to the subjects of imperial civilian and military law it would be quite limiting.

both a sister of battle aligned and a mechanicus character is heavily requested but are judged and convicted within their own organisation. it would be a shame if we don’t get these based on lore and DT’s game narrative.

i just hope they just go along and say something like:
“to help with our effort to reclaim the city from the traitors grip we requested aid from the sisterhood, as such you will be assigned a new squad-member…”


“the officials of the mechanicus have informed us that the traitors are in possession of an device that they thought to be technology lost to us, as you lot wouldn’t recognize a toaster even if it jumped in your face they accepted to lend us one of their Explorator adept’s as help”

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We have priest, psyker, guardsman and ogryn so Commissar is missing governor general, space marine (but would op aaasss fuuuuk), assassin, some kind of mech like sentinel, karsikin, heavy weapons team, tech priest, baneblade? xD

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Like most of that, but I can’t see Ratlings being a good fit due to their “range only” style. You’d hate to be in a squad with two of them.

Specialised IG would work though; Catachan/Krieg, even Valhallan could have a different flavour to the regular guardsman vet (which, lets be honest, has been based on Cadian for over a decade).

I’d like to see Xenos included at some point seeing as we are serving an inquisitor.

I can see Arbites or Enforcer being a sub-class for the Veteran being next. Death Cultist or Redemptionist for the Zealot. Some kind of ranged Ogryn build and maybe a melee heavy psyker or psyker with access to bolt weapons.

Honestly I wish the class skills were in a larger skill pool that we could pick 6 freely from. Adding new classes adds more general traits but gives a new top line skills. Would give us an opportunity to really fine tune our character.

I’ve had a few thoughts on possible careers for the existing classes

Arbites Enforcer - Shotguns, Grenade launchers, Riot Shields and a Shock Maul. More of a tactical team support shooty character.

Gunslinger - Can equip 2 pistol type weapons, close quarters gun brawler type.

Death Cultist - Assassin like character, works a bit like Shade Kerillian

Redemptionist - All about the flamers.

Pyromancer - Lots of Soulblaze stuff, pick & mix of Sienna’s greatest hits

Biomancer - Close quarters brawler type.

Ogryn (less sure on these):
Armoured Ogryn - Like a Crusher for the good guys. Plays like Ironbreaker Bardin.

Shooty Ogryn - Like a Reaper for the good guys.

On the Xenos front, an Aeldari outcast would be cool. I’d much rather have an Eldar Ranger than a Ratling sniper, for example. It’d make the party banter more fun with the lines about Ratlings being the best shots we currently have, and there’s far more scope for additional careers.


A hacker, one that can lock doors (from enemies) allies can open them freely. And maybe uses servo skulls to zap elites or sends them out to scan a room.

I want to see an exotics weapon user, so we can get some xeno weapons as a choice to play with.
Not sure if this meshes with the whole inquisition thing going but think how many awesome weapons could be added if they did this?

There is no support class so that would be good.

the inquisition has several ideologies Splitting them in several sub factions that can be categorized under either “puritan” or “radical”, puritan have the overarching Believe that everything xenos can corrupt and has to be dealt with ruthlessly.

while radicals tend have “the end justify the means” approach were they will utilize anything against the threat, some even going so far to utilize daemon hosts

considering the narrative of the game, where the inquisitor is willing to draw on convicts mutants and untrained psykers i think its more likely that grendhel is in one of the “radical” aligned factions, and would perhaps use xenos auxiliaries if the opportunity arises

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I would probably bet on a tech adept being next in line.

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Something from Mechanicus I’d love to see, could imagine maybe it could have perks that either give it more weapon slots, or maybe instead that uses materials to self repair at cost of end-of-mission loot.

I was also thinkin’ Ork Freeboota cause there is precedent for inquisition hiring the likes of Freebootas in Dawn of War 2 Retribution. Could be the people of the Mourning Star not wanting to deal with the extra headache so they offer this lot of Freebootas either the opportunity to either keep what they loot in their missions, or maybe similar to retribution a regiment of penal legion to fight in a location of their choosing, or could be the Freebootas saw a hat they like and decide that’s what they want when the job’s done.

I’d personally like to possibly see a beastman class. Maybe a “reconsideration” on the Inquisition’s part to let them earn back their adhuman status.

with the new classes rework around the conor when they launch additional branches a veteran gunner equipped with something like a HS vollygun, a heavy stubber, or a Mutlilaser. that is avalible for 15 secounds and a cool down of 45. with additional weapons being Long-las since they haven’t added any scope weapons yet which is kind of sad sicne we been playing sharpshooter without any sharp really. so a Ryza Lucius issue Hotshot lasgun (the ryza issue one was in Concept art for veteran), with scopes a Cadian issue lasgun with Burst. Hotshot marksman rifle as seen in the shadow Vualt Karskin Kill team kit from 2022. and a hotshot-laspistol. with rework allowing for secoundary weapon’s like Pistol and melee were you can toggle between the 2.

  • Hypaspists Skitarii - Ad-mech-themed veteran with access to Adeptus Mechanicus weaponry.

  • Sister Repentia - Basically the Zealot Preacher flavoured to have been transferred from the ranks of the Repentia into the service of Inquisitor Grendy.

  • Voidsmen - Close-quarters focused version of the veteran.

  • Abhuman - Regluar human-sized abhumans such as Nightsider, Felinids and regular-looking humans with stable yet notable mutations. There would be perks linked with the selected mutation and said mutation would be locked in place at character creation.