New Game - Mode Suggestion

I really don´t know if it already suggested here. I searched for it, but didn´t found it here.

  • So it´s about some maps in a row. You can´t pick up grims or tomes anywhere.

  • You start the game mode on each difficulty and can choose between 3 maps.

  • There are 5 scrap needed to start it once and you can yourself buy in if you fail.

  • Every 3rd map will be a lord/end - map - Halescourge, Into the Nest, Warcamp, Skittergate, Blightreaper.

  • If someone wants to join your progress, he´ve to spend X scrap based on the map - counter. (2 per finished map + the 5 starting scrap.)

  • You´ll have to choose between perks after each map. If you bet a lord/end - map, you´ll get a “good” - perk for your next map - try.

  • Bad perks can be stacked, that means that ppl could choose “Vanguard” 2 times and more elite - enemies would appear everywhere with the 2nd stack.

  • You´ll get a soldier chest/vault after every map and an emperor´s one after the lord/end - maps.

  • If you fail, you´re able to take a big - loot - chest (content based on your map - counter) or to rebuy yourself into it. (costs based on the map - encounter, there are 5 scrap per map needed)

  • Big - loot - chests will grant more loot , if you finished more maps. It starts with 3 loottokens and every finished lord/end - map will give you 1 more + every finished map will stack up the chance for better loot. (red´s, cosmetics, keep - rewards).

  • There will be special cosmetics and keep - rewards available only in this playlist.

  • If you continue after a fail you´re able to choose between the same map or 1 other random map.

So let´s show it on an example:

  • You start the game mode with 10 scraps on legend and choose between Righteous Stand, Festering Ground and The Pit.

  • You decided to start with Righteous Stand. After you choosed that, the bridge of shadow will open and you and your team can prepare for this map.

  • You finished this map and got the map counter +1. At this time, you´ve to choose perk. You can choose between “A lost Tome”, “Sudden Death” and “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”

  • You decided to take “A lost Tome”. This means that 1 player will get instantly get a tome at the begin of the map and can´t put it down to take a heal. So the grp have to prepare with NB or medshare probably.

  • You continue with this game - mode and choose a map again. The last map you´ve played, can´t appear in this selection. So this time you choose between “The Pit”, “Screaming Bell” and “Against the Grain”.

  • You choosed “The Pit”, finished this map, got your map - counter and have to decide between 3 perks again. This time you´re able to choose between “The Curse”, “Send in the next wave” and “Vanguard”.

  • You took “The Curse”. This one will give you the curse of a grim, without anyone holding it.

  • You continue again and will get a random lord/endmap. This is warcamp. You and your team prepare for this map and don´t forget, you´ve 2 negative perks now. You´ve to finish this map with a grim - curse and a random tome on a player.

  • You finished this map and don´t get a negative perk now. Your map - counter is set to 3 and you can choose between 1 good perk, which will help you only at the 1st try of the next map. You can choose between “May the force be with you” or “Mr. Bombastic”.

  • You choosed “Mr. Bombastic”, which will gives every player a powder - bomb at the start. You started again and took the next out of 3 available maps. (Screaming Bell, The Pit, Hunger in the Dark)

  • This time you decided to take Hunger in the Dark. You start this map still with “The Curse”, “A lost tome” and just for 1 try “Mr. Bombastic”.

  • You lost this map due to bad luck and have to choose between your big - loot - chest or to continue. You decided to continue with your grp, so everyone have to pay 15 scraps. Because you lost Hunger in the dark, you´re able to decide between 2 maps now. You decided to take the 2nd map, which is Convocation of Decay this time.

  • You start this run and don´t forget, you lost your “Mr. Bombastic” perk, but still have to live with “The Curse” and “A lost tome”.

  • You finished it, continued, choosed another bad perk, choosed a new map, finished it, choosed a bad perk, have to beat a new lord/end - map, finished it, choosed a good perk once etc…

I think this should explain the whole system quite good.

Possible new and old perks could be:

The bad ones:

  • The Curse - You´ll get the curse of a grim. This perk is stackable up to 2 times.

  • A lost tome - One Player will randomly get a tome at the map - start and he can´t trade it for heals. This perks can be stacked 4 times.

  • Alone in the dark - One player will get randomly a vision - limit, like he´s to walk through the darkness with a torch. This effect will jump between the players every 2 minutes and is not stackable.

  • Out of heal - This perk will spawn less heal on each map. It´s stackable up to 2 times. (e.g. There will be just 2 heals before event - locations instead of 4.)

  • Gas´n Gunner´s - This perk will spawn additonal Warpfire - Throwers, Gasrats or Ratling - Gunners. It´s stackable 2 times.

  • Disabled - This perk will spawn additional disablers… stackable 2 times.

  • Underperformed - This perk will set down your overall damage by 5%. It´s stackable up to 4 times.

  • Send me the next wave - Will send you more Horde than normally, but it´s not stackable.

  • Sudden death - Player will get instantly downed… not stackable.

  • No ammunition will be found - not stackable

  • Vanguard - stackable 2 times… At the 2nd one, more elite - enemies will appear on the whole map.

  • One Spawn is not enough - You´ll get a boss spawn at 3possible locations on every map… not stackable

  • Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - This one is like the deed - perk, but it just stacks not that hard. It can be stacked up to 3 times. 1st stack - 133% health, 133% damage. 2nd stack - 166% health, 166% damage. 3rd stack is doubled health and doubled damage.

The rest “more specials”, “no respawn”, “back to basics”, “no item - spawns” are not available.

The good ones:

  • May the force be with you - This will grant you a powerboost by 10% for the next map.

  • Mr. Bombastic - Every player will get a powder bomb at the start.

  • Medicine PLEASE! - This one will spawn bandages only.

  • Run Forest Run! - This one will give you 5% Attack Speed and 5% Movement Speed

  • One life is not enough - This perk will give you 1 more life, that means the you can get downed 1 more time, before you´re grey. It´ll even survive sudden death 1 time. This buff will dissappear, if you become grey.

  • Vision over the pit - this perk will mark specials immediately, when they spawn.

This is all about my idea. Don´t forget that you can pause this game - mode everytime and continue another day with the same or another ppl.
This idea is probably not perfect yet, but i think it would be a pretty cool game - mode, which offers a new experience, more/ new loot and the decision about your own curse / fate.
It brings more variety, more challenging and a strategic aspect with it. “Which perks should i combine, which teamcomb is better for those bad perks. etc.” Even the “useless” scrap would become useful.


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