Extra-enemies same reward, nonsense grims, Map Lvl4 1hour vs 20min Lvl3 reward?

Hello to all and the developers!

Quite a lot of game content from Darktide is reflected in Vermintide. But what I still don’t understand is why we should play a more difficult map “IV or V” when the reward for doing so is not really a fair reward.

For a level IV map it took us about 1 hour, for what reward? Converted to level Evil IIV we could play this map almost 3 times in the same time. 20 minutes if we are fast. 3 x reward map level 3 instead of 1 x reward map level 4? Level 5 was almost unplayable.

Besides, what’s with the nonsense maps with the extra enemies, more dogs… when the reward is exactly the same as for a map without that extra kick? Just so we make the emperor proud, then I peep on the emperor and am just a heretic :slight_smile:

I have the feeling the developers are still in Ogryn mode, please reconsider this, for me felt nonsense, once. I also like to be convinced that this makes sense. I would also like to hire employees, which for even more work, earns the same as another :slight_smile:

And there is also repentance, a nice word for achievements. But what do you get out of it? No skins, no rewards, you can do them or just leave them.

In Vermintide at least there were real rewards for the achievements. Yeah, it’s great, a banner that you unlock with the psyker or preacher and then you can set the banner with any character, really? I can hear the heretic laughing already.

And the Grims “Grimoires, spelled correctly?”. That is the absolute felt super nonsense what they implemented in this game. Did they even come close to thinking about this?

Out of what feels like 20 Grim cards played, only one, if any, takes a Grim, WHY? The Grim pulls down one’s health incessantly. I don’t know this from Vermintide at all. Nice that they came up with something really great, and makes the Grim an absolutely pointless item in Darktide. And if you are punished so extremely with the Grim, then you are also richly rewarded at the end of the map. That was irony!

Maybe one can convince me and the now easily over 50 fellow players who always avoid the Grim, to take the Grim with us, because maybe there is still something secret that we have not noticed?

Would be interested to know if the developers were clever enough to include an evaluation of how often these cards are played with the extra opponents, or the cards with the Grims where none are taken.

Maybe you should think about it and revise it.

Thanks to the developers, as well as the hardworking players who save my ass every time and PRAISE THE EMPEROR!

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