New Ammo Indicators pulling base values instead of increased ammo on careers like Waystalker

The Yellow Ammo Indicators which should indicate when a player is at or below one third (0.33) of their ammo capacity do not work as expected on classes with increased ammo capacity. They only pull from the base value of the weapon, making them show up considerably later.
For example, with a Waystalker’s longbow:
You’d expect the icon to begin showing up at 13 ammo (0.33
but instead it shows up at 7 (0.33*20=6.6)
This significantly hampers an already poor choice for showing ammo levels.
The orange bar was very useful for classes with ammo, and could’ve shown overheat otherwise or been absent entirely on slayer.
If we have to stick with an icon, it may be appropriate for it to kick in at 0.5, and register properly based on actual ammo capacity values.

i’m unsure how this affects gameplay much. every class has their own way of managing ammo, adding on crit trait ammo regen etc.

if you see someone at low ammo, will it really change the way everyone is playing?

the only thing i guess is deciding who gets the ammo bag. which most players would take anyway if they’re low on a first come first served basis.

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