Nerf yourself, Fatshark! was 20%
Seriously, only one thing you can do is nerfing? Thats a way you choose to balance the game?
3 patches already and all about nerf champions and some fixes.

For now all 3 Kruber’s subs nerfed or useless. Great Job.


what if it was always 5% but the tooltip was lying to you the entire time?

Probably should say “by” instead of “to”.


Same with Backstab damage bug … right?

hey hey, i’m just playing devil’s advocate. it’s always possible and some of the tooltips of this game have been…spotty


I know. I wasnt trying to be sarcastic. Well I tried.
But since you cant check anyway, because backstab doesnt register on dummies, I have to believe what Fatshark writes.

It was always 5%.

Base is 15%, this raises it to 20%. They did write it wrong in the new description.

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