Nerf Ulgu

So my best friend and I went and cleared the Ulgu weaves only with the two of us, but boy was it a massive headache.
All invisible enemies take less damage, but this poses a real problem when facing 4 specific headaches; Leeches, chaos sorcerers, gutter runners and archers.

Archers are very annoying, but killable. They do pose a very valid threat in Ulgu, in that they can rain down a swath of arrows unchallenged, while we’re getting swarmed by melee troops on all fronts.
This can lead to failure, but not as much as the other three.
Leeches, sorcerers and gutter runners were nearly impossible to kill, only because they were invisible 99% (100% with the sorcerer) of the time- until the moment they strike, which spells doom for the victim if you’re more than 2 feet away.
The sorcerer can just keep up the maelstrom indefinitely because we simply cannot deal enough damage.

My issue is with these 3 enemies, and these 4 alone. All other enemies can keep their increased damage resistance, but I would really like to see these 4 taken down a notch in Ulgu.

That was quite an unnecessary increase of difficulty right from the start as weaves are designed around a full group of four players.

This is meant to be that why by design I suppose. You have to play around corners and actively alter sightlines in order to get in a good position to take out those enemies. Ulgu was actually nerfed indirectly by letting players block arrows with all weapons now. Season 1 was a totally different story.


Still having nightmares of 115. Happened to complete 114 in only 2 tries.

There is no question about this, it was so ridiculously difficult. Literally one tiny mistake and you were dead. And while i can understand that those who did the weaves in season 1 are allowed to brag a bit as they not even get their own frame for it, the weaves are now somewhat where they are supposed to be. Don’t diminish the opinions of those who only got into it in season 2 and nevertheless have issues with it. There i so little talk about the weaves, you got to encourage some discussion.

That is absolutely true though, it’s not meant to be played by 2 people (and not anyone say leaderboard, i dare you, i double dare you /s).

We can still talk about minor changes. What was the damage resistance of cloaked enemies, 80%, 90%? What about lowering that a bit? It is really frustrating (more so on higher cata and/or in the arena fights with limited space) to shoot the sorcerer with a full clip and still not killing them, before they teleport way out of range anyway.

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That’s kind of the challenge from that wind. If they nerf all enemies that attack from a distance it removes alot from the wind’s challenge in my opinion.

Like kuli suggested, making use of line of sight breakers and making them come to you is the best option.
I know saying stuff like ‘oh in s1 it was way worse’ wouldn’t really help you, and while archers have been indirectly nerfed
by being blockable by everything they are still annoying in that wind as they are very frustrating and you can barely do anything about them, but it’s not impossible, just alot of patience and again trying to abuse LoS.

I mostly just don’t like archer packs combined with that wind, with specials i have no issues

Edit: exactly

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I don’t want to diminish the opinions of others. What I want is Fatshark to not overnerf weaves for season 3. As you said, they are in a somewhat good spot right now. But because the very few opinions voiced on weaves still tend to be about reducing difficulty, I’d like to put this into perspective by telling people what we had to deal with before.