Gamebreaking Weaves Bugs ( Enemy Freeze and More)

I am very sure that some people can freeze enemies and timer to cheese weaves. Also on Ulgu maps enemies have extra hp and very resistant to stagger. When someone dc’s and tries to reconnect on Ulgu maps host crashes and all the effort goes for nothing. Basically ulgu is just unplayable but the enemy freeze and time freeze is more important to fix in my opinion. Send help to weaves players.

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First fix the Ulgu weaves, there are several crash bugs in ulgu weaves and when the crashed player wants to rejoin the host crashes as well. Some high level ulgu weaves are due to the high health and mass of the enemies impossible to beat in the timelimit. I totally understand that players are starting freezing the timer to beat those totally broken and often undoable ulgu weaves. Fix first the totally broken ulgu weaves… then you can start to fixing the freeze cheese. Otherwise players wont simply be able to progress. Freezing the timer is often the only chance to beat some of those weaves and have a progress. If you only fix the freeze then you can quit weaves for the whole season, no sense to try those high ulgu weaves.

Can confirm, please fix! Weave 143 is really undoable for us as is. :frowning:

What kind of bug causes the weave timer to freeze? wtf?

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