Nerf stealth knife zealot

It completely trivializes all content in the game, including the hardest auric maelstroms and t5s. I’m just going to start leaving lobbies with knifers because they just run off and solo the entire mission. The game is all about trade offs and the builds just don’t have any.


It has tons of trade-offs.
It’s squishy when it gets hit.
It lacks upfront killing power.
And it doesn’t have much Horde clear.

The stealth and the backstabbing are the two redeeming traits of this build. And the bleed I guess, but you can have a bleed build without going knife zealot.

If this gets any form of nerf, it’d be bordering unplayable. You’re asking to have the one niche the Stealth Zealot operates in to be nerfed.


don’t worry it has the biggest nerf in the game, it teaches users to play absolutely terribly while thinking they’re awesome by putting everyone at constant risk of a team wipe for them picks.


The knife is very strong rn. Not sure where it should be vs where it is though

The worst part about this is that the tree actually enables/incentivizes this playstyle even more with things like Lone Wolf and Stealth. I mean the most “going solo” knife zealots I see go left side, but still…

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It’s high risk high reward.

A good knife zealot can and will lock up longer ranged enemies and clutch when it’s needed most and a bad one will kiss the floor all match.

I stick fairly close to the team when I run that build and only run ahead when the team is getting pelted by range attacks and they aren’t being cleared fast enough.

People complaining about it at this point are just being the fun police because they can’t balance a build to save their lives and shriek like a girl whenever a single pox walker gets into melee with them due to a zlealot not sticking to their hip 100% of the time.

I’m mean hell at that point let’s just nerf ANY build that has the potential to be played selfishly, changed every ability to only be active in coherency and make it so you get whacked otherwise.


Add that stealthy zlot has enough time to chat about their need for ammo priority while hiding in the shadows.

Just give it F-all damage against ogryn and monstrosities. Which is where it should be. Some 7" knife might be scary to the british but this is 40k, ogryn are practically immune.


I mean are we talking about the knife that does brittleness, extra back stab damage, or just in general?

I do feel like it does ok damage for what it is but it didn’t feel like it was a game changing amount of damage. Then again I didn’t really look at the numbers too hard as a crusher killer.

I still maintain my fun police comment tho.

My solution to that is always BOLTER.

To OP. It’s not the knife. It’s how one uses stealth.

I use it to flank & kill specials from behind & pick up downed teammates. Others use it to go truly solo.
Also I use an axe. I prefer it over the knife.

But if you nerf the Stealth buid you might as well delete it…

Yes, that’s right. Make the backstabber weak and worthless against the only targets worth backstabbing.

I dearly hope Fatshark sticks with it’s original Design Intent here. I have a hard time keeping in what just came over me when I read your comment.

Filthy heretic.


Oh yeah, Bolter Zealot is pretty stacked and would be an instant solution to the knife armor nerf. All it would do is limit the build to 1 ranged option.

That’s kind of the problem. It needs the mobility and/or more importantly survivability kneecapped to make it not a viable playstyle, than what it is for exactly?

I mean I guess you can make it squishy as hell and dial back the mobility similarly for VT2 shade to be less infuriating to play with. Having high mobility, damage, survivability, solo regen and stealth in one build is a bit too much.

bro your ragers and maulers?
40k weapons deserve 40k breakpoints. They want a knife that can kill carapace armored ogryn make it a power dagger.


I mean….ok?

Don’t threaten me with a good time.


power weapons, chain weapons, bolter, plasma, melta, psyker(forcesword/staffs), ogryn should be peak power.


See now you’re getting me. Its not that I have a problem with the play style. Its the platform I have a problem with. If knife literally was going brrrrr we wouldn’t be having this conversation.


I will say though as a flip side note sone crazy stuff happens in 40k land, especially in the table top RPG that was clearly a huge inspiration.

The Bricking of Kharn the Betrayer is a prime example of how stupid things can get when faith and zeal are involved.


it doesnt really get hit though, with the insane amount of speed you get from the build and cd reduction you can get, you can just go stealth. like yeah sure you might get hit here and there but it’s kind of whatever. not having much horde clear is kind of irrelevant when you can just spam mouse one while continuously dodging around an entire horde one shotting basically most if not all trash. idk. i just dont really see those things in auric games from knifers.

as for the fun police comments from other posters, i don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect coherent gameplay when the game does a decent job of trying to encourage it through the literal coherency system, what isnt fun is not having anything to kill or actually working as a team. the biggest issues i see in auric are bombers, flamers, and disablers from behind which stealth knife zealots dont really do anything about, so yeah, i highly encourage the fun police to cite these individuals.

there’s really no point for the play style to encourage such a gung ho style of play when the community agrees generally that forward facing encounters arent a huge problem (shotgunners, elites, gunners, unyielding/ogryns, etc) for most of the cast. anyone can deal with poxwalkers, so i dont care about those

You mean to tell me you have never, not once, seen a zealot stealth through a horde, backstab a trapper and pick a teammate up after?

Not once have you see a stealth zealot go past the ranged attackers, deal with a bomber, and then come back?

Here is the thing, I’ve seen many people stealth or not run off from the team, get screwed, and then have to force the entire team to go back, pick them up, and usually by then another wave comes in.

At its core as much people will scoff stealth zealot is a support setup because the entire build is based around removing the very specials you are complaining about with minimal threat to the team. This is 100% a case of blaming the tools because people can’t play a setup properly so you decided that the baby needs to get thrown out with the bath water.

Even removing the backstab on crushers I would still play stealth zealot because I have fun locking up ranged enemies so my team can get unpinned, hunting down snipers and gunners, rescuing teammates from when they run off and get trapped or dealing with the aforementioned 3 big bads (disablers, flamers, and bombers).

Hell Idon’t even run lone wolf, I literally run the aura that let’s people heal corruption because 9 times out of 10 I am close to my team, I’m just not front-lining all the time.


no, he’s got a good point. unyielding enemies are pretty reliably things that a knife shouldn’t mean much against. leaving the knife as the “deal with maniacs and gunners for the team you stupid loot ninja” weapon as an exchange for all the benefits he gets in the build would be a fair enough way to balance it.