Poll: Stereotypes

A bunch of this stuff has been stuck in my head for a while so I’m gonna post it here before I lose my mind over something this mundane. I’ve been building up some stereotypes for players, and while the majority of people I’ve met (on East Coast, at least) are at least solid, there’s still a few things that I can’t shake off.

Here’s a link to the poll.


Zealots occupy both extremes of the skill spectrum from my experience. Some of the absolute worst, dogshite players I’ve ever seen have been zealots (usually using the cursed knife, the most overrated weapon in the game) and some of the best and most reliable players I’ve seen have been zealots.

I don’t know what it is about it that attracts such a disproportionate amount of bad players though. It’s like they get in there, get a knife, see that they can run and move fast and somehow think that equates to actual skill and then almost immediately overburden and overwhelm themselves. Some days when I join a lobby and see a knife zealot I just leave. That’s how sick of it I am personally.


Well, to be fair, nowadays most players just do the stupid achievements. So a lot of people just run around with knives and take absolutely rubbish builds, some for achievements and some because of weird advisors (Hi Elodie). Although even before the patch there were a bunch of people running around with them, but they were obviously less than they are now.

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Done :3

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I’ve played this game consistently since release. This has always been a pervasive problem. The zealots outside of coherency memes are a thing for that exact reason.

In my experience this is the best, most reliable and effective way to apply the zealot, in general terms (there are always specific exceptions to almost anything); If you take any strike team that has them as an example, obviously the zealots are the tip of the spear. They’re meant to be in the front of the group. But that’s just the thing; in front of the group. If you’re half of a zone or more ahead, you’re asking to get bodied. No matter how good you are, all it takes is one janky trapper or one spazzy hound and it’s over and now your team is stretched thin on account of what? Someone’s bloated ego or lack of self assessment? I personally don’t find those to be good enough reasons. You should always leave the option of falling back on your teammates unless you have no other choice.







The class that has a build that’s all about ignoring the team’s existence is considered the biggest team-ignorer.

Surprise, surprise.


It’s not “all about” ignoring the team. If you’re referring to the loner skill, yeah it makes you slightly more survivable on your own. Does that then automatically mean you should spend the vast majority of a round on your own? Of course not. You’re better situated to fan out independently, but you’re just as likely to die from any number of things as anyone else. Do it when it’s tactically sound and appropriate but equally, refrain from doing it when it’s not and always leave yourself an exit back to your team. It’s not binary and nothing in the game hardlocks you into a single game plan. A failure to adapt dynamically to rapidly changing circumstances is one of the main reasons so many zealots get decked in that one, quite specific, manner.


A really good question, actually. I would say Veterans, I always see them jerkin it with stims.


I agree. Zealots are meant to run ahead of the team and get into melee combat with the ranged enemies, denying them the ability to shoot and giving your team breathing room - but they will still need to back up and start frontlining for the team when things start to get sticky.

Having played a bunch of Zealot myself, that’s been my playstyle, and so far it’s worked exceptionally well. The massive amount of mobility you have by default as the character is a lot of fun and lets you multitask much more than you would as any other class.


Checks out. lol

Especially the fact that most Vets immediately die when they’re left to clutch because 99% of them can’t into melee at all. Especially my powersword + plasma bois.

The only Vet’s to actually pull off solo clutches I’ve seen so far were knife double invis with something other than plasma. Managed to pull off a few mael clutches with knife+weapon specialist + double invis as well. The only difference to Zealot clutches is that Zealot gets infinite chances due to insane ability cdr through crits and Vet requires elite kills, so they have less room to f up compared to Zealots.

It’s a shame you can’t split the poll into difficulty played. It’d be interesting to see how some of the distributions change when factoring the respective level people play. I’m seeing a lot of malice/heresy sterotypes manifest in those results.

Especially for this one:
Screenshot 2024-05-16 171549
Lower tier gameplay has a lot of Psykers getting carried through smite (as seen by some of the posts in the forums) probably skewing the results a fair bit. Auric Damnation/Mael Psykers are way more aggressive and more often than not share the vanguard with Zealots from my experience.


Wait this isn’t V2???

I don’t know about all that. An even halfway decent VoC veteran will be one of the most durable players most of the time. Take any DT player worth their salt and make them clutch a Damnation HISG with a VoC build and I’ll wager they can do it and probably pretty easily. When it comes to clutching in general, a truly good player can almost always do it damn near regardless of class or build (I’d drop the odds on an ogryn but not by much) unless the situation is exceptionally dire, which it isn’t always. By exceptionally dire, I mean Maelstrom with multiple monstrosities and a horde and a specialist wave and all the rest at the same time. Usually, the players who fall apart when it’s clutching time would likely do so no matter their class or build. It almost always comes down to simple things like bad dodges, missed hounds/trappers or whatever else and in those cases it would quite literally be a skill issue. This is one of the big reasons I’ve never been much inclined towards the whole min/maxing thing or even delving super deep into the numbers when build crafting. All that stuff is only worth something if you are able to apply it effectively and you only do that by paying attention, reacting fast and making intelligent decisions. All those things are infinitely more important than anything else.

But even saying all that, nothing’s all that certain. I’ve seen all kinds of builds clutch all kinds of situations that I probably wouldn’t have expected if asked in a hypothetical context.

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I’d agree for auric mael regulars, but 95% of other vets fall apart even with the massive help that is VoC. Which is why I added the point about differentiating by played difficulty.

Oh I fully agree. Which is why I don’t interact with the crafting system for a while now. I just get whatever serviceable weapon I have and go to town with it.

At the end of the day this poll is pretty much worthless given the lack of information, at best it’s good for some fun baseless speculation as we’re doing right now. There isn’t much else to do with darktide anyways given the content drought. Might as well dive into hypotheticals.


fun post, thanks!


idk man as a knife Zel enjoyer I’v seen a lot of dogsh*t players from all classes.
Pubs is 50% picking up ogryns running in to a hoard and getting insta-gibbed,
Vets that never hears someone about to overhead them from behind while missing all the specials and eating all the ammo and psykers that explodes themself at least 3 times in a run and goes down on trahsmob hoards.
But also had some run ins with the “kinda bad think he’s good run and die before the 10 min mark knife zelot” but those usualy leave when they die so.

I love my good ogryn bros but I would say usualy bad players play them more.

Its… *sobs… Its fine…


that’s because ogryns fell off again, they have by far the best goofing. slapping the handle on your gun, playing peek-a-boo with a stim, looking at your rock, grunting with a grimoire equipped. basically the only thing on that level is rapidly tapping brain burst or smite.

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Actually, I’m looking at all these graphs of yours. Well, all classes depend on the straightness of the players’ hands.
And those abilities in your meme picture are, how shall I put it… fecal. Yeah, that’s right, most of the time it doesn’t benefit the team at all. Instead of contributing a bunch of damage, you’re running around with a cross and making everyone believe in the Emperor, cool… Or instead of taking the first normal passive ability, we’ll take this rubbish on spoil healing. Like I said, team play on a certain class = players’ hands.