Neither spear nor halberd are the problem

The problem is using block to cancel attack sequences. I agree that being able to chain spear and halberd charge swipes extremely fast is an issue, but that is not the weapon’s fault. Please dont nerf them, just because people abuse the block to trivialize the game.

From what i understand elf is trash later in the game. Shes the only character without use and these weapons are her only real saving graces

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Elf is actually not to bad, with the glave late game. Problem is you don’t want to be ranged anymore, because of ammo nerf. Waystalker was very strong before the nerf. Now it’s not so much anymore.

Elf plays now a little bit in between. She is not a tank also not the strongest dd, but she can be very versatile.

I only dislike the ammo nerf on her, which made hangbane totally useless. Friendly fire is enough of a problem.

Also I think the shade is bit weak on waves and shines only on bosses, which makes her overall a bad choice for most of the game.

the elf is not trash.

spear is only 1 weapon in her arsenal and severely overrated.

not sure why people like to shitpost on her without even understanding how to play the elf well on the highest difficulty.


ammo nerf just means you have to place your shots more carefully instead of shooting at every rat in sight. hagbane is still very OP if used correctly, which i assume you do not know how to. friendly fire is only a problem if you do not understand the radius of hagbane explosions.

hagbane wrecks hordes, stormvermin, and bosses (excluding end level bosses). shield guys too if u spam enough arrows on them to break the block, but only when needed. otherwise, her melee moveset is godlike for most of her weapons (except 1h sword, that thing is surprisingly super slow)


The elf is not trash, most people that play her are trash.
I’ve encountered many very good people that played her.


Maybe true, please educate me. Also maybe spoiled because of closed beta, but it hurts me to spam the few arrow I have. Hordes are indeed easy to kill with it. On champion I find it already not too strong against the bosses like ratoger etc.

Playing mostly gleve and spear right now, but I favor gleve since launch :smiley:

just sharing one of my preferred setups =) glaive and hagbane. i generally love seeing stormvermin or chaos warriors and run after them because i’m really itching to lay my heavy attack to one shot their heads. when the mess comes with many specials, stormvermins, ratties and chaos, the hagbane shines because you can pretty much just shoot it into any concentrated cluster of units to stunlock them. this is especially good if one of your party members is getting overwhelmed, try to aim it such that they don’t take friendly fire, but will stagger the whole group attacking them.

you can count the number of arrows needed to take down specials too, for example 3x heavy draw arrows for a champion leech that’s full hp, and then u can ignore him and do something else - the dot will finish him off.

also fantastic that every swipe of the glaive is armor piercing and knocks down or staggers any infantry unit. cc is underrated in this game.

for bosses, hagbane takes down their hp relatively fast. for anything else, just gotta run up to them and give them a good ol uppercut and smackdown.

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Because for some reason, a lot (not all) of elf players plays like they are born special.

Takes the most damage, hoards and waste healing items and ammunition, runs ahead and away from the rest of the team for no apparent reason except for taking kills (I wouldn’t be mad if the player is going for a Tome/Grimoire.), etc.

Sorry for the rant, got into quite a few games with those special players I’ve described above.

haha i see that in players of all classes not just the elf =)

i know your frustration! to me right now it’s more amusing to watch than anything else. nothing beats watching some guy charging off into some side alley only to get jumped by an assasin. makes me feel like a mother hen looking after scatterbrain chicks.

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Yes. Most I’ve seen plays Krill, Saltz, and to a lesser extent, Sienna (guess she is too squishy?)

I’ve found Kruger and Bardin players to be more team-oriented.

Speaking from Sienna’s POV. (Mainly plays Sienna, sometimes Ironbardin.)

there’s all kinds of players! that’s the fun of vermintide for me honestly.

Water you on about? This was a core mechanic of the first game. Its not a mistake. How boring would the game be if you were locked into the same attack pattern, over and over, on every weapon.

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The problem with the halberd specifically is its insane attack speed and penetration on the first light attack (the swing). An easy fix to halberd could be to just outright remove that light attack swing, and only have it as a (much slower) charged attack or even a push-attack. If the light attack chain was just something like stab->stab->overhead, the halberd would feel more like a polearm and less like a baseball bat anyway.

Nonsense. Halberds are for swinging

Kruben main here and I find Halberd the best melee option by far. It’s OP for sure IMO… great range, extremelly fast, good damage, good/decent against armor and good control, even if you don’t cancel the animation. I think that the main issue is the attack speed, it’s too fast.

Historically, halberds were used in tight formations, a lot like pikes. They were definitely not swung from side to side. The only swinging would be downwards, where the weight of the blade would amplify the strike.

Glaive does it with just light attacks what spear does with Block sweep/power attack sequence and does it much better. Single target DPS- Dual Daggers and Sword Dagger destroy Spear.

You see so many people with spear because most people are still new to game and they use not because it’s her best weapon.

But because its her SAFEST weapon. It’s range gives it room to not get hit, you can attack from behind your tanks, poke from far distance Chaos Warrior with Power attacks (poke, back while charging, poke with lunge foward etc.).

Spear is a weapon that just minimize player risk at cost of DPS and horde/armor clearing. It’s a balanced weapon between DPS and horde clearing but sucks vs armor. While her other weapons exceed at certain role and Sword and Dagger and much better all-around weapon but it requires more skill and you do not have anymore a comfort range on it.

That doesn’t mean it can’t be swung. Kruber is alone, and furthermore his polearm is an axe.

The best method for destroying cavalry is to trick them into charging, then chop down the horses at the legs. Swinging at their legs

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