Names for subclasses?

The 41st millennia has a lot of cool names/titles.

The internal names (datamined)

Veteran: Sharpshooter/Ranger, Squad Leader and operator iirc

Zealot: Preacher, Banisher and Pious Stabber

Psyker: Psykinetist, Protectorate and Gunslinger

Ogryn: Skullbreaker, Bullgryn and Gunlugger.


Pious stabber got the short straw bahahaha

Sounds like a goblin name!


Vets getting mad about Psykers having ‘Gunslinger’ in 3…2…1…

Ogryn: Refrigerator, reFrigerator, refriGerator

There is no way this could be real, that’s insane

Also imo still a bit weird thematically and mechanically that Martydom is in the middle tree (Banisher) instead of the left tree (Preacher). Chorus doesn’t fit well with Martydom imo.

My personal choices have been

Sharpshooter / Sergeant / Jungle Fighter

Fanatic / Preacher or Missionary / Deathcultist

Psyker was giving me trouble though. I’d make one of them Seer, but not sure which since middle has “Seer’s Presence” but right has Scrier’s Gaze and Disrupt Destiny. Psykinetic and Protectorate are good, but Gunslinger’s definitely wrong, so I guess right side can be Seer, and it’ll just be a bit awkward that the Seer doesn’t have Seer’s Presence.

I remember before the skill trees came out I thought it’d be cool if the second two Psyker subclasses could be Biomancer and Astropath, but that’d take some reworks now.

Skullbreaker / Bullgryn / Gunlugger is great for Ogryn since I was calling them Crusher / Bulwark / Reaper, or Hitty One / Tanky One / I Am Heavy Weapons Guy

yeah but i want these to be in the game

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