My Thoughts on Darktide

I picked up darktide a while back and have had a lot of fun with it, then thought the lack of communication from devs was frustrating, have had the same general hang ups with the game such as silent specials and the terrible crafting system, yada yada yada

Anyways I made an account to say that in the past couple of weeks darktide has felt pointedly like a chore, the last round of the weeklies refreshing actually had me thinking along the lines of “aww man, already?” and “well… I guess I can sit down and play a couple rounds…”. There’s a bunch of different weapons that I’d like to try out, but the thought of draining my resources to make them decent and then being blindsided by new weapons (lol) without the ability to get good ones had me hesitating and relying on my stale-feeling old stuff.

While bored and scrolling through the discord earlier though I found a post mentioning how the team had claimed that the lack of news was because they had only been back from vacation for a month. That sounded hilariously bizarre enough that I came here to see if it was true and sure enough, it was. Heck, I expected there to be at least a few scraps of dev communication more here than I had seen elsewhere, but nah.

Why did I make an account and tell everyone such a bland story? Like I said- I was bored lmao. Anyways, I suppose I am thankful for the aforementioned post, it was funny enough that it made me step back and question why I was allowing myself to play a game that I thought was a chore when I have a backlog of games that I’d like to play. I’ll do myself a kindness and shelve darktide for the foreseeable future, and hopefully somewhere down the line when I check back in there will be content to entice me back from whatever I’m doing then.


Welcome #516.

Look at what kind of posts can be born from an unholy union of boredom and frustration.


welcome to the boredom pile friend, you’ll be welcome here, whenever I have an itch to play that game, I instead come here to remember why I won’t bother currently.

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I think a lot of us are in the same boat.

I’ll admit - nothing quite scratches the gameplay mechanical itch like Darktide does for me. It’s a drug in digital form and had become a great way to unwind and chill in the evening for a bit.

But - at this point the frustration of crafting and nothing to look forward to made me start to question “why” I was still playing and giving Fatshark the most precious resource any of us have - our time. Fatshark doesn’t respect their core audience and long-time supporters, why should we respect them back?

Haven’t played in a few weeks now - and every week that slips by with no news or redemption makes it more and more of a lost cause for me. Sadly.


Addendum: I never played the Witcher 3 - but saw it is on switch and on sale for $20. Bought that and it’s been a nice way to break myself off from Darktide :slight_smile:

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Personally I took the first train to helldivers 2

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I see a long post about “thoughts on the game”, then the immediate reply is @brosgw or someone @ing him… I really don’t have to read the OP (I did anyway, gracious me :smiley: ), but this has become more re-occurring than someone saying “FS have a bad trackrecord with dates so that’s why we have no roadmap”, and that’s saying something…

What a tradition!

@SleepyHost - we know, pal. We really really do. Good on you to share, even if just out of boredom… Honestly, I think most of us in this forum have the same motivation… Just, avoid the burnout of DT, it hits hard and suddenly…


Wouldn’t say fatshark have left a pile of stink and rot for all of us but pretty close, every darktide forum platform oozes negativity and disappointment. Not blaming the posters cuz I share the same feelings so I guess I’m done, time to take a break for me too.

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The Witcher 3 has to be my favourite video game of all-time, it even got me my first date with the goth goddess who would eventually become my fianceé :wink:

I have also returned to the Witcher 3 to take my break from Darktide as well, is that not a wonderful coincidence?

Do be sure to buy Hearts of Stone as well as Blood & Wine - the latter is basically a whole new game in and of itself.

Edit: I fixed some of my grammar.

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It’s like they made a game, but then put in un-game stuff to help people not become addicted. How considerate of them.

Yeah I got the full Witcher 3 with all the expansions for like $22 or something on switch. Pretty cool game so far. 4 hours or so into it.

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Take your time with it and enjoy it, friend. Milfgaard needs you :wink:

Wait, Nintendo Switch?
Deserves to be played on a PC, hell build a new rig just for that with an HDR OLED monitor and a 4090.
Might be my fave game ever now, and I’ve played a LOT.

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A chore sounds about right.

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I’ve once again found myself retiring from the game to play the considerably more rewarding game known as “browse shop checker” waiting for the blessing I was hunting to show up in melk shop rather than continuing to pour time and plasteel into a black hole. I feel a lot less bitter this way.

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