My game cannot get the latest update 7

Title says it all. I log in normally and just before the hero selection screen loads, this message pops up and forces me to quit: “Your game is out of date and needs to be updated”. Please help. This is outrageous.

Hi @Pinkqueen,

Are you playing via Steam or MS Store?

In any case, is Darktide set to automatically download updates? have you checked Darktide in your games library for any manual update required?

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I am playing via steam and yesterday i checked all the things you mentioned and had already set Darktide to automatically download updates. I also restarted both pc and steam client to no avail.
Today though when i turned my pc on, steam was downloading the update! I have no clue what happened. I guess everything is fine after all.
Thanks for the reply Lev!

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Oh, how strange! I’m glad everything has straightened out today!