My friend is afraid of the mice

I invited a friend to join the game, but he has a great fear of the mice. That makes him give up to play the game in the tutorial when four mice come together, so I guess a mode or a mod which transforms all the mice into chaos or something else would work for him. I don’t know if it is feasible but I do want to invite more people to the game.

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There are also people that get seizures from video games. Not everything is for everyone. This is Warhammer End Times, and Skaven are a giant part of it. Maybe there might be mods made for it, but you wont get progress there.

Why did you invite a friend with a giant fear of mice into a game called VERMINtide?


Might have thought that since the Mickey Mice in vermintide spoke and stood on 2 legs, it wouldn’t have invoked his friend’s fear lol

Mod Support is not ready now, but I’m sure we’ll have graphics mod where you can slay… I don’t know, ponies… No, not ponies, they aren’t to be slain… Anyway xD

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