My duplicate veteran collection

I have a fair amount of veteran items at this point. My dilemma is that I’m not sure if I’m blessed or cursed as I have endless duplicate vet weapons but literally no fancy runes for melee weapons I use - namely s&d or dd.

on elf (only class I’ve really played) I have;

30 charms, trinkets and necklaces
3 duplicate axes
3 duplicate longbows
2 duplicate hagbanes
2 duplicate loki hats
1 spear
1 swift bow

Today alone I pulled 3 charms. I see red and I KNOW the overwhelming possibility that I’ll pull something I don’t want or need. That is kinda off putting

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Sounds about right. At ~45 accessories myself.

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I’m most proud of my top collection of 4 glaives and 4 SnDs. (only two of each weapon skins are unique)

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Rng, man. Have 8 non-dupes melee for elf. Still missing spear and glaive. But have 2 different SnS, SnD, 2h swords ¯_(ツ)_/¯
11 trinkets, 8 necks and charms, lvl +164