My diary

Dear diary, today was fun. I was trying to play some darktide, but game got some kind of back end error, so because my network settings are bad and ISP is at fault, I decided to play some for honor, it was fun. Played lots of matches with my friends without any disconnects or lag. Afterwards I was playing some deep rock. Done a few missions and decided to try to play darktide again. To my surprise, I still had a backend error. My friends in a discord call laughed for a moment. I could hear it clearly, with no lag or packet loss. Afterward I decided to finish my day by watching some YouTube in HD and thinking about how bad my ISP is, so it can’t manage to create a stable connection to a game made by small Swedish company.


Looking forward to day 2, when it turns out it was your firewall or something!
Keep us posted dude. :sunglasses:


How do i check my firewall on xbox?)))))))

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