My career was wearing the wrong skin (not that one I was wearing during the last session)

This afternoon I changed the skin of the career I was using, then I completed some runs (so I didn’t press alt-f4 without saving)… now I started the game and I “have found” that career with the “old” skin (so not the last one I used)… does this kind of bug exist!? I’m confused.

p.s: that “change of skin” is the only progress I lost


I have seen this bug happen before in different forms. Sometimes I will equip a weapon. Exit the game and come back in, and my character will have different weapons equiped


Thanks for the info… ye, it seems a very similar problem. You saved before to exit the game, right?

Yes. most times, I will play a make changes, play a mission, exit. Come back in the next day and some of my changes are reverted i.e. previous weapon selected.

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