When I start the game and I join in my keep: equipped weapon exchanged with blueprint

Sometimes, when I start the game and I join in my keep (so NOT during missions), my character is using a blueprint weapon (those power 5 weapons used to craft)… instead of that weapon I used on my previous session.

p.s often it’s the bluepring of a different weapon.

This happens both with DLC weapons and base game ones.

I know, I have only to re-equip the chosen weapon, but I would like to understand this problem.

Someone with my same experience?


Could this be a mod being confused about the new weapons ?

I had that once, on my second log-in : my brettonian longsword was replaced with the blueprint version - same weapon.

I’m using UI improvements.

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Ye, I thought about mods as well… one time, after re-installed some mods, I even found GK with a different Exe Sword (that one I use on Merc, with different illusion and properties compared with the Exe equipped on GK).

Loadout, talents and cosmetics not saving happens all the time at the moment.
Ever since the last patch I have to readjust my and the bots gear.
Also the voip volume resets every time. I wonder how many settings are bugged atm.

Have not experienced that bug, and I have nearly all sanctioned mods installed. Might be related to this bug which I’ve experienced: Favorite items get reset after restarting the game

Try ‘force saving’ your loadout by switching characters.

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