Missing weapons and blueprints

Blueprints and weapons obtained from DLC (Back to Ubershriek and Winds of Magic) have been dissapearing, and sometimes will reappear after restarting the game. However, not ALL the weapons/blueprints do, sometimes it’s one, sometimes it’s both.

If any more, or more detailed information is required, please let me know, it’s not much to go on, and not much i’ve been able to get for details besides this.

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Same problem.

p.s welcome

Sometimes steam fails to report to the progression servers which DLCs a player owns (more so during these times of internet being consumed like mad!)

This is probably what’s happening.

Please see: https://support.fatshark.se/hc/en-us/articles/360005177317--PC-Help-Why-have-my-items-disappeared-

Thank you for the updates, it does indeed seem to fix the problem whenever i restart the game, and thankfully, it’s been a rare occurrence, and it’s never been a permanent issue.

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