Mute option for Psyker's overheat sound

Altho I love playing Psyker with his flaws - the extreme loud constant sound while being at high peril is really annoying for me. Playing a high intensity damnation map means I’m most of the time at very high peril - I’m always cheering when I got the time to not go high on Peril so i can actually hear things again (right after my tinitus ended).

TLDR: Can we please have a mute toggle or slider for this sound? Would trade it for 20 of my xmas cookies.


Tbf the peril sound makes it harder to pick up important sound cues, specials and backstabs alike.


Can we also control the opacity of the high peril screen affects while they are at it? Like you could with overheat in VT2.
Playing darkness maps at high peril all you can see is blue

Try blocking with a force sword on top of the high peril effect and you’re basically blind :smiley:

it becomes incredibly annoying playing pskyer on higher difficulties with both the visual peril effects and sound effects. It greatly diminishes the game’s visual and audio design, just watch a psyker gameplay video and ogryn gameplay video and you’ll immediately see how the pskyer’s gameplay looks bad because of it, one friend switched careers because of it.
Enemy and special audio and visual cues are still audible and visible so giving us the option to turn off peril sounds wouldn’t confer any real gameplay advantage and would only help with accessibility and would improve the game’s visual and audio quality for some people