Movement keys gets "disabled" when typing in chat is interrupted by mission vote

Issue Summary:
We were about to start at game, me and two friendly fellows I just met, when the host cast a vote for the next mission while I was typing a message. Keyboard stopped responding for the movement keys after I sent my message. Weapon switching, turning the camera view, entering menus, and everything worked fine otherwise. Managed to get the keys working again after opening the chat again.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Open your chat
  2. Have friend start vote for next mission (we chose Horn of Magnus)
  3. Send your message and cast your vote
  4. Spend a few distressed moments unable to move
  5. Open and close chat again
  6. All good

Reproduction Rate:
Only found once (Monday 22nd April). Haven’t found time to play with my mates afterwards. Sorry!

In the log file, I have pinpointed the time to somewhere around the timestamp 12:03:56.378, where the game starts hosting a game. The voting should be moments before that.
console-2019-04-22-10.41.01-53892160-b14d-4d83-a692-ee5f4e87ee28.log (2.0 MB)

I fiddled a bit switching between active windows trying to get the keys working again, which can be seen in the logs.

Hope this helps!

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This has been around for a looooooong time XD I’m guessing it’s not something that’s easy to fix or its just not important enough compared to other bugs.

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