Chat box enabled issue for controller

Issue Description:

Click the right and left thumbstick at the same time opens the chat-box now.

This is a new issue, this didn’t happen before the patch.

Steps to Reproduce:
The problem is, this chat-box is enabled when I must doing some attack or defend moves, and have failed to do that or get in dangerous situations.

you need to remove this chat-box function. This new function is really unnecessary for controller users and feeling frustration. we can use ‘enter’ key for chatting before you updates.


Player ID:
Link: Steam Community :: Asmoredie_40k

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
5/30/2023 - Approximately 1:42 AM - South Korea

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)



Noticed this here. Really frustrating to have to sprint out of a bad situation and use your weapon special at the same time (which with the power sword, is all of the time) and then be locked out by the chat window. The left and right stick click map to separate functions that need to be used simultaneously, so the mapping for chat needs to be removed.

This feature is not useful, and I’m not sure if anyone asked for it. If someone really wants to be able to open the chat using a controller, it should be bound to start+select instead.

update: someone noticed that the buttons for salvaging items has been switched from RS to X. This could be related to this problem



If this is a bug, it needs to be remedied asap. If its a ‘feature’, nobody asked for it, and it needs to be removed asap. (At least give us an option to turn it off).

Its already a struggle to find a reason to endure the horrendous RNG gotcha mechanics, but the core gameplay kept me coming back. Now though, even the core gameplay has lost its shine, when i cant be sure i wont accidentally open a chat window, freezing my character in place, at any moment…

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It is pretty absurd. As far as I can tell there isn’t a way to actually type on controller, so you still need to swap to you keyboard to interact with the chat at all. There is no real purpose here and it actively gets in the way. My guess is this is a feature being worked on for console that is meant to bring up the virtual keyboard… but on PC that’s not relevant. And even on console this will not be a good bind for it at all.


Same issue here!!!


We need this fixed. There’s no rational reason for this issue to exist.

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