Morgrim's Bomb Crash on Tzeench Twins End Event

In the final event on Expedition of Fortitude we rolled the Tzeench “Enemies have a chance to split…” curse and Skaven/Beastmen. We had ranger with free Morgrim’s bomb on career skill use Morgrim’s 1 on the first round of banner bearers with no issue. We then had Illusionist Minotaur spawn in and get Morgrim’s 2 to the face. This crashed the host out as soon as the bomb detonated. After host migration we had the event restart and the person who crashed successfully re-joined. Same series of events occured.

Both hosts have strong machines which exceed recommended specs significantly and don’t usually have issues with crashing or performance on max settings.

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Sorry to hear that. Should it occur again, please copy and paste the crash report in here. Thank you!

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