Host crashes after Morgrim's bomb detonates

Chaos Wastes: The Map had Tzeentch’s curse modifier, “Twin Blight.”
Kruber throws his Morgrim’s bomb at the 12 second mark. Host crashes as the bomb detonates.

The original console log was too large to upload onto this post. I copied the text from the end of the log until it would fit.
Unlisted video and crash log below:

console-2021-08-01-00.08.55-70a98436-9f0d-4b67-99d6-031ea06f1d73.txt (3.6 MB)

In the future if a file size is too big you can use its one of very few file sharing websites that the devs will use because there are so many dodgy ones out there.

Ah! Thank you kindly for the heads up my friend!

Updated console log link:

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