More visually interesting loading screens

The loading screens for the game are a little bland, a still image with no real character or charm, at least at the moment.
I have a few ideas for upgrades that I’ll list below, although I’m nowhere near a game designer so…

Both the ship and the planet could benefit from some animations, such as lights flashing on the surface or other ways to represent that the hive is alive with billions of people going about their daily business.
The ship in the front space of the image should also have some animations, one easy one would be to make the ships back thrusters engaged with a moving fire particle. Other flashing windows or presence of life would also benefit the ship heavily, maybe even a few shuttles taking off? (although that would be hard to do without looking silly.)

Mouse interaction
When in the loading screen, one should be able to move the mouse which should move parts of the loading screen around, this is a minor improvement but entertains my monkey brain to move around my mouse and see stuff happen while I wait. This was done in a previous game I’ve played, although I forget which one. Essentially when you move your mouse around the background moves but something like the ship would remain still.

Additional scenes
This one is probably pretty obvious, but looking at the same image, even if it’s made interactive is kind of boring. I’m fairly confident the single loading screen is likely temporary for the beta, but even for the beta it would be nice to have some diversity.

Mission Loading Screens
Almost forgot about these! (pre-planning is my specialty!)

Mission loading screens are great, but need to relay more information about the specific mission. At the moment, the only difference I’ve seen is the green hologram in the background, it would be nice if the game gave you some information other than that, a few ideas I had were:

  • Your previous and/or best time on the mission
  • Your highest kills on the mission
  • Your lowest deaths on the mission. (although with the current deathrate, not sure if this is important)

The loading screens for the missions though are pretty visually appealing, although the face that they’re all so similar might get repetitive. Better hologram briefings with more movement and differentiation might help with that.

Anyways, I’m going to get back to the game before it disconnects me.
This was also my first forum post… ever. so please have some mercy on me for anything I might’ve done wrong.