Please add loading screen tips

The new loading screen is gorgeous, but the endless tirade of edgy quotes is not only tiring, but useless. Vermintide II had some actually great gameplay tips in its loading screens or some cool lore, not just “EMPEROR GOOD, XENO BAD” or “DEATH DEATH HONOR GLORY LIFE SUCKS GO EMPIRE” or “GIT FAITH SCRUB”.


As much as I find the doctrine to be hilarious as a loading screen readout, I have to agree here. Have Tips be front-and-center, and then up at the top of the screen put a little monitor screen or something that has the doctrine being read out as it is now, that way you can get the fun little bit of theming, and provide players with much needed information.

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Exactly - the quotes are great flavor (my post may have come across as me not liking it), but they are ultimately useless.

Maybe you could combine the two somehow? Like maybe, I dunno, start with a quote like

“Purge the Heretic - ” or something.

“Purge the heretic - Utilizing Soulflame will engulf your enemies in a Damage Over Time effect.” like that, yeah.

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That’s TOO good of a idea man, be realistic. Fat Shark is a small indie DEV team

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