[Bug] Loading screen text: "<loading_screen_khazalid_05>"

One of the loading screen ‘Tips & Facts’ shows up as ‘<loading_screen_khazalid_05>’. Seems to be a placeholder for the actual loading screen text.

I remember that one! Oh, what fond memories I carry for the Red Moon Inn. And what a lively loading screen it was…

Sorry to be a bit off-topic. I hope you are still enjoying Vermintide 1; it’s a very fun game. Has it aged well?

dryen07 - i get that you think you are being humorous and interesting with trolling and playing the buffoon like foil but actually its not interesting, no one is impressed, and im betting most would only like to hear from you if you have something intelligent to add to a conversation.


I still play it from time to time. What I like about it is that there’s more focus on the basic skills, like dodging, blocking and timing attacks due to the lack of abilities. There’s no fast escape button or instakill button. The maps are also more grimdark than V2, which I like too.

I’ll have to come back through and smash some bad-guys, then. You paint a good picture for the game; thanks for playing!