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Special activation is too situational and weak to justify it’s damage profile being what it is.

Both hammers should one shot ragers with heavies without thrust. Crucis with a hit anywhere and Ironhelm with a headshot. Two tapping crushers without headshot for ironhelm with thrust, one for crucis with thrust.

Thank you.


Or just let Crucis cleave and have them both have good damage.

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haha not a bad take.

Maybe if there were some talents in the zealot tree that actually played around with his class specific weapons they could leave the numbers alone.

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definitely needs a single-target damage buff, but the charged/special attack should have some sort of multi-hit against normal enemies, like the eviscerator. give us that aoe explosion lol


Nah. Simpler: make the heavy special for the Crucis the overhead bop that is currently on the light attack. That and probably a damage buff, but Ironhelm can do the multi hit, it’s Crucis that really needs a fix.

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Crucis has that terrible mechanic where it kills the poxwalker clipping the crushers toe more than the crusher. Its a great boss killer, but too weak otherwise.

Ironhelm has that increased functionality, but for less damage and with the tradeoff of a way worse basic moveset that also deals way less damage.

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OP has the right of it. They just need better elite breakpoints and we’re good. People who don’t like Crucis don’t have to use Crucis. Simple as.


So they just become a better eviscirator? No thanks.

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Oooh yeah thats a real concern. Dont want to threaten other unique weapons identities trying to doctor up the hammer.
What would you do about the thunderhammers right now?

Improve elite breakpoints. Revert stupid ironhelm push heavy attack chain change. Try and come up with unique effects for blessings to compete with thrust and slaughterer so there’s some actual build variety for hammers.


Crucis should have cleave and after playing around more with it I fully stand by that opinion.

Especially after the patch 14 and 15 spawn director and weapon balancing changes.

That’s fine and good. I still think normalising hammers is dull and it makes more sense to just play the variant you like rather than making both hammers too similar. Improving empowered light attacks on Crucis might be a middle ground we could both accept?


I think empowered lights on both variants need MASSIVE injection of power. You’re basically slapping the enemies with a Combat Axe heavy.

(Do you think 1 shotting ragers on head tap with full martyr stacks and the appropriate perk would be too powerful? Because honestly that’s how strong I would like to see them. At least test to see if thats too strong.)

I like making the Crucis heavy an overhead.


I still have flashbacks from Thrust Bug and think Thrust should be buffed. I know it’s the top pick already, but man Chastize + Heavy swing into gunner/shotgunner blobs felt so, so, sooo good… I was holding heavies while clearing lining up big attacks and everything. It was still worse back then than Caxe, but I just couldn’t put it down.

Probably shouldn’t happen, and probably will never happen, but I can dream…

Maybe they should just work Thrust into TH at base like how Las guns have Long Shot “built in”.

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Please no. The reason I say this is:

This. I absolutely despise how you have to run Thrust, and FS will always balance T Hammer damage around Thrust. It should really, really either be an inherent part of the weappn or just removed entirely and have the T Hammers always do Thrust Equivalent damage.

I have the same issue with shotguns and no respite, and to a lesser extent the Ogryn Shield and the Zealot Crusher with Skullcrusher (those 2 are better off because they only have 4 blessings each).


IDK about these 3, don’t have an opinion, but I think Hammer could benefit from heaving baseline Thrush with a high value, and the weapon could be just balanced around that.

It’s not just that it’s mandatory on the weapon, it’s the thing that if the bonus is high enough it’s going to feel good even with unpowered heavies. It’s very thematical and natural.

Although have to say the weapon would need a complete rebalance with that. Built-in thrush should increase something like base damage instead of Power so it can stack with a power boost, and with Slaughterer+Headtaker available damage probably has to go down on heavies so it doesn’t just one-shot bosses.

Still, it would be super nice to have it built in.

The weapon needs a complete rebalance anyways. Better to go the whole way with it imo.

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Improve the damage. Give it a small explosion on hit that deals that full damage. So basically thammer becomes a melee krak grenade for zealot.


nah. i’m gonna go with with i like but thanks for the reply.

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