More Penance Feedback

This is a continuation of this thread, which originally concerns Veteran: Sharpshooter and Ogryn: Skullbreaker.

This thread will go over my thoughts on the Penances for Psyker: Pyskinetic and Zealot: Preacher now that I’ve had time to play both these classes.


Kill 7 enemies within 2s by knocking them off a ledge
Difficulty: 3/10

Requires some map knowledge before you can really attempt this Penance, otherwise you’ll be trying to herd cats. Doesn’t teach anything particularly useful since the stamina cost to push enemies over an edge normally isn’t worth it, especially on higher difficulties, but is easy enough.

Suggestions: None for this Penance.

Not Even Close
Kill a pouncing Pox Hound with Brain Burst
Difficulty: 7/10

Almost entirely dependent on luck due to it being nearly impossible to tell exactly when the Pox Hound is going to pounce. Minimal animation tell like the Assassin Rat from Vermintide 2.

Suggestions: None for this Penance. However, Pox Hounds in general need a lot of work, fixing, and polish before this Penance becomes any easier.

Warp Battery
While on malice threat or higher, in a single session maintain maximum warp charges for 300s.
Difficulty: 5/10

More annoying than anything since it requires you to keep a hawk eye on your Warp Charges. Furthermore, promotes the nonsensical premise that keeping your Warp Charges at max stacks is important. It’s not, and furthermore it’s especially hypocritical since 2 of the 3 Level 30 feats actively consume your Warp Charges for various benefits.

Suggestions: None for this Penance. Still doesn’t promote a good style of play.

Going Out With a Bang
While on Malice Threat or higher, kill 3 elite enemies with a single Perils of the Warp explosion
Difficulty: 10/10

What? What even is this? Not only does it ask you to just die near a group of elites, you don’t do nearly enough damage to actually kill them in one go. This is one of the most poorly thought-out Penances this game has to offer. The fact this Penance also has the lowest achievement rate on Steam should say something.

Suggestions: Replace in it’s entirety with something completely different.

Pick n’ Mix
While on Heresy Threat or higher, use Brain Burst to kill 5 different Elite or Specialist enemies within 12s
Difficulty: 8/10

Requires you to find 5 targets you can kill in one Brain Burst (typically the Ranged elites or more elusive Specialists), while also requiring your team to not kill them before you crunch their heads.

Suggestions: Reduce the number of targets, but also reduce the amount of time.

Malleus Monstronum
While on Heresy threat or higher kill a Monstrosity after damaging 90% of its health with your Brain Burst
Difficulty: 9/10

Psyker is uniquely blessed, similar to Veteran, in that it has two annoyingly difficult Penances. This Penance your entire team to stay their hand against a Monstrosity, which flies completely in the face of team work.

Suggestions: Change requirement to simply achieve the killing blow on a Monstrosity with Brain Burst. Same goal, more team work, no unnecessarily difficulty.


Buying Time
Using a Stun Grenade, hit an enemy sniper more than 40 metres away
Difficulty: 3/10

Requires a bit of work in the Psykhanium to figure out throw ranges, but easy enough to figure out once you do.

Suggestions: None for this Penance.

Abhor the Mutant
While Dashing with Chastise the Wicked, kill a Mutant with a Melee attack
Difficulty: 7/10

Difficult to get the timing right depending on the weapon, range to target, and whether or not the Mutant is charging you or a team mate. Promotes the use of the Thunder Hammer, eminently capable of this task due to high single-target damage with the special.

Suggestions: None for this Penance.

Shocking Stuff
On Malice Threat or higher, kill 40 enemies stunned by your grenades, within 10s
Difficulty: 4/10

Not difficult, but does require you to fight a horde by yourself without team mates stealing your kills. Mercifully the timer is fairly generous, so you can do this over 2 grenade throws. Promotes the use of the Flamethrower, eminently capable of this task.

Suggestions: None for this Penance.

There is Nothing But the Abyss …
On Heresy threat or higher, heal to 75% Health with life gained solely from the Holey Revenant Feat
Difficulty: 8/10

Requires you to do an unreasonable amount of damage to heal 75% of your health. Certain enemies are better for this task which take more melee damage, for example the Mutant or Tox Flamers, but this is not told to the player anywhere.

Suggestions: Reduce heal requirement.

Just A Flesh Wound
Complete a full mission of Heresy Threat or higher in under 20 minutes, with less than a Wound’s worth of Health remaining for 75% of the time
Difficulty: 9/10

To put it frankly, this requires you to play like a complete idiot by deliberately not healing, while also rushing the mission. Furthermore, due to anti-cheese measures, you cannot get this Penance by joining a game mid-mission, taking all initiative out of the hands of the player and putting you at the whim of the match maker.

Suggestions: Increase time requirement, reduce wounds severity requirement. Remove the requirement for a “full mission”.