Moonfire bow and bonus ammo

Waystalker has no bonus ammo for moonfire bow.
You can make 4 strong shots and recover energy in about 16 sec. as WS.
With HM numbers are exactly the same.
HM’s talent for 40% bonus ammo has no effect also.

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Very hard to know if this is a bug or intended. Personally I’m fine with Kurnous’ not working for it, but her passive having no effect seems a bit much. Having double the capacity without an increased energy gain still wouldn’t make it that spammy for her, would just let her save up longer for bigger bursts if she wanted.

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I think it’s intended, like how Drakegun doesn’t get additional heat meter when used by Engineer.

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Confirmed intentional. :slight_smile:


Kurnous works.
But the fact passive not working is ‘intended’ is just bad design. Consistency in mechanics is what makes a good game.

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Wait, so Kurnous restores energy then? I read it also didn’t work with Moonfire but haven’t tried it myself

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